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ReserveAI Artificial Intelligence Solution For Insurance Claims Reserve Estimation

ReserveAI from Dayhuff Group is ready to make insurance claims management more efficient, more accurate, less time consuming for insurance companies. ReserveAI is an artificial intelligence solution that will help insurance companies consistently and objectively evaluate claims reserves with the capability to learn and evolve as it works.


ReserveAI leverages Artificial Intelligence to assists insurance companies in setting claims reserve amounts.  It is built on IBM’s Watson technology allowing it to read and understand all of the documentation and identify what makes a claim unique. ReserveAI learns from past settlements and creates a library of claims profiles using the company’s payment history. ReserveAI uses all these pieces of information to estimate the amount of reserve to apply to reduce inconsistencies in reserve management.


ReserveAI is like having all the knowledge of every claim processed by the insurance company ever and using that knowledge to set a claim reserve. While an adjuster may evaluate and adjust claims in a subjective manner, ReserveAI will base its evaluation using objective data points.


Those who would like to see a demo of how ReserveAI works or gather more information can visit http://www.dayhuffgroiup.com/ReserveAI


About Dayhuff


Established in 1997, the Dayhuff Group have implemented state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence systems, electronic document management systems, workflow solutions and Business Intelligence solutions. Their number one goal is customer satisfaction. Their cross industry focus has taken them nationwide. From retailers to government, higher education to healthcare and insurance; their experience is wide and deep. Visit their official website at http://www.dayhuffgroiup.com/ReserveAI


Media Manager
Dayhuff Group
Website: http://www.dayhuffgroup.com/ReserveAI
Email: sales@dayhuffgroup.com
Phone: (614) 854 – 9999
Address: 740 Lakeview Plaza Blvd.
Suite 300, Worthington
Ohio, USA

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