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New exchange platform makes funding easier for startups and community projects

A new secure decentralised platform called Oriad helps users from around the world trade cryptocurrencies and issue their own token in a matter of minutes, making life easier for startups and opening up a new era of community-backed initiatives.


Acting as both a digital currency exchange and a crowdfunding platform, Oriad will simplify the process of creating, issuing and listing a token for trade on an exchange, resulting in a straightforward process for entrepreneurs and business people to fund their projects - without the need to go through intensive cryptocurrency coding.


The platform will use EOS blockchain technology, which is designed for ease of use and mass adoption. EOS is both the fastest and has the highest transaction capacity of any decentralized blockchain available today, with the potential to scale to millions of transactions per second.


To help raise awareness of the platform, Oriad will soon begin to distribute coins for free in what is called an 'airdrop'. To register for the airdrop and be on the list to receive free coins, please visit: www.oriad.io and subscribe your email address.


About Oriad


Oriad is a secure decentralised exchange for issuing tokens and trading digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more. It is built using EOS technology, the latest and most advanced in blockchain technology.


For more information, visit our website http://oriad.io/

Connect with us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Oriad-361484967701185

Twitter https://twitter.com/OriadExchange


Media Contact:
Contact Name: David Lawrence
Company: Oriad Exchange
Email: info@oriad.io

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