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All You Need to Know About Tacoma Notary


Greyhound Legal’s collaboration between our service companies nationwide and locally we have exceeded expectations of over 90 % success rates. There are no hidden fees, misleading information or verbal gymnastics. We use dignified service to effectuate process on your behalf and direction. With the marriage of grit and knowledge our company, process servers, and affiliates guarantee unparalleled service in our profession. Don’t get caught with the sticker shock of additional service fees and complicit behaviors. Let Greyhound Legal’s staff take full responsibility for the delivery of your legal documents nationwide. We set the mold for service in Washington State and take great pride in the fact that we specialize in those hard to find and elusive defendants. We offer full investigations, skip-tracing, stakeouts and courier services locally while setting the standard for exemplary service Nationwide. Visit out website to get more info about Tacoma Process Server.


Greyhound Legal only uses mature or “seasoned” servers for the delivery of legal documents. Armed with knowledge and wisdom we have become stewards of success in our craft. To curtail negative results we follow these simple rules without fail. Treat human beings with dignity and respect and they will in turn return candid courtesy. The design here is to get a favorable outcome, so being tactful and sympathetic to individual’s situations is a key element of what we do here at Greyhound Legal. Dignified service includes being sensitive to the human condition yet sticking to a rigid habit of neutrality when delivering your legal documents. A kernel of truth here! These are septic situations and when we deal in decaying situations being genuine and sincere is a real boon to success.


Staying within the guidelines of what needs to be done and the legal parameters of can be complex and a bit overwhelming at times this is why delivering legal documents for your case is mission critical. Be careful when choosing a messenger service so to not let your lawsuit fall through the cracks and into the black hole of calendar continuations. Ignoring the smallest of details becomes impassable when dealing with lawsuits. Let our experts massage the sometime sensitive situations into successful outcomes. When it comes to difficult defendants our distinguished service is the clear choice. Why subject loved ones to an unnecessary level of risk don’t let them get caught up in ugly confrontations. If you are crafting a decision to use a professional vs. a family member or friend please remember that process servers can be held financially liable so let Greyhound Legal's staff take full responsibility, not your loved ones. Visit out website to get more info about Seattle Legal Messengers.


The leading edge of what we do here is legal service in Washington State and Across the Nation. We will deliver your case expeditiously and with detail oriented professionals. Local service is three business days. Service abroad and nationwide takes about a week or two dependent on extenuating circumstances. If you are frantic to get your paperwork served please use our intake form online after hours, or call our schedulers today. Rush service, situational service, and special circumstance stakeouts are billed on time and distance. Normal service is a single attempt same day and rush service is 3 attempts same day depending on when docs are received. All Intake docs are cataloged by PDF and stored electronically before being issued to the server. Service of process includes a declaration, proof, or return dependent on what your county clerk requires. Greyhound Legal stores all electronic and paper documents in a secured locked environment to safeguard against theft.


Our Mantra here at Greyhound Legal has always been an attitude of gratitude and a real proclivity to learn. We treat our employees like friends and usher in new and sometimes wild ideas. While always avoiding the school of errors we turn “Me problems” into “We problems”. We love what we do here and even more so, love reshaping the views of process servers and the serving industry as a whole. Please call us today and view our customer’s accolades online.

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