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Best Keratin Bond Fusion Hair Extensions


KmXtend is an international hair extensions supplier. We can provide you with the best solutions for your hair extensions business or salon. We guarantee the best keratin bond fusion hair extensions and tape hair extensions.


Authentic, Quality Workmanship, Consistently beautiful hair. Contact us now. Private label upon request.


KmXtend understands the most important aspect of human hair extensions is QUALITY! Consistent quality! There are many different industry brand hair extensions AND many different hair extension quality levels as well. A majority of hair extensions on the market are imported from manufacturers in China. It is VERY easy to tell which products are mass produced and imported for pennies overseas, especially considering the uniform packaging and hair bundle closure seen on 99.9% of imported lessor quality hair products. Between the packaging as well as the quality, these days it is not difficult to determine which products truly contain human hair and are of good quality. You will see right from the bond, exactly just how pre-bonded extensions shed and tangle. Buyer beware of the less expensive hair extensions that all portray a VERY similiar look of their origin. Remember, these products will be attached to YOUR own hair OR your clients hair leading back to a stylists reputation so its best to know exactly what you are working with AND spending your pennies on!


The number one question remains: “Is it really 100% pure remy human hair / hair extensions?” The number one guideline: “You get what you pay for.” Less expensive, cheaper hair extensions are cycled through acids destroying the varied directional cuticle (non-remy). That same hair is covered with silicone in order to pose as top remy human hair. After a few washes, the silicon has diminished and the hair shows it’s true value. The bond is typically polymer based, i.e. glue! Human hair does not shrivel upon heating nor does pure keratin become stringy during fusion process. This “soft, stringy” type of bond opens the door to many issues such retained moisture within the bond, fungus and mold as well as scalp dematitis! Visit your website to get more info about Best Keratin Bond Fusion Hair Extensions.


The other end of the spectrum is the better quality brands’ over exaggerated pricing verses those shown on our poor quality hair comparison chart prohibit average individuals to continue their hair extension maintenance and routine applications year round. This alone causes many to over-wear their extensions, leading to an array of issues and damage. It is asked that all have our hair compared and tried to ANY brand marketed worldwide! We are 110% sure that you will find that our hair is actually of a HIGHER quality as well as consistency. We would not offer free samples if our statements were not supported by the true quality of our human hair extensions.

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