Creating Your Dream Job with the Insider’s Guide to Your Dream Career

The Insider’s Guide to Your Dream Career is a step-by-step blueprint to finding your dream career.  Author Krystal Yates has dedicated her career to mentoring professionals in search of their career goals and assisting small companies with hiring and HR management. Finding your dream job or navigating towards the next step in your career is not a sprint towards the finish line. This book gives readers the step by step instruction on getting started on the path towards a dream career.


Crafting Your Best Career Moves


“While most people think they know what their priorities are, by digging deep we often discover things which we are not consciously aware.” - Krystal Yates, TIGTYDC

The Insider’s Guide to Your Dream Career provides readers practical strategies on crafting the career/job of their dreams including the crucial steps of listing your priorities, reflecting on the work you enjoy and writing a strong resume that genuinely reflects your experiences and goals. As an experienced career mentor and HR consultant, Ms. Yates discusses perspectives from both sides of the fence, so readers can effectively maximize their game plan. Emphasizing the foundational steps for applying for the right job, company and work environment that will enhance individual abilities, and create opportunities for growth.


About the Author


“When Krystal gets into the meat of your job search plan regarding resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, how to dress for an interview, ways to answer some of the interview questions that always come up, you’ll be glad you have this book!” - Raymond Aaron - Forward, TIGTYDC


Krystal Yates and EBR Consulting have helped numerous small businesses in HR, Operations, Finance, and Management. She also mentors job seekers in all aspects of job-hunting including resume writing, networking, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.


The Insider’s Guide to Your Dream Career is a valuable handbook for those in need of assistance determining the next step of their career. Get a copy now by clicking this link. Find what’s missing in your search towards the job of your dreams.


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