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Game evaluation of EA sports NBA LIVE Mobile

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Oct 25, 2018  ( 1 post )  
10:10 pm
Bartho Lomewq (bartholomewq)

ELECTRONICARTS recently launched the basketball game NBALIVE Mobile, endorsed by Russell West brook. At present, the game has been launched on two platforms, players can form their own will to the most powerful NBA star lineup ever. As is known to all, NBAlive disappeared after the rise of 2K, EA also knows that the NBA IP has been 2K "monopoly", but fortunately even did not struggle. But recently we were surprised to find that EA quietly released this hand game, called NBA Live Mobile, the mobile version of NBA Live.If you loved this article and you would like to receive more info regarding gamerusher kindly visit our website.Perhaps EA realized that the quality of the 2K16 hand-held swim was mediocre, losing some market share, so it wanted to take advantage of this new product through the mobile platform, to bring a new wave of rhythm for NBAlive.


The 3D frame is very delicate in the design of the basketball court ground, the ball frame and the grandstand, no matter from the overall shape of the characters or the details of the game. The background sound design is also quite good, and the cheers of the audience complement the game's play and rhythm. And the specific sound effects in the game, whether it is running back and forth sound, or friction sound is very real, will let the player have a real experience. As for the way the game is played, NBA LIVE Mobile uses a five-to-five rule, allowing players to participate in real-life events in the League through the game. In the game, players can not only get potential players through the draft mechanism, but also pay directly to obtain active or retired legendary stars through the extraction of card bags. In the operation of the game, the rocker in the lower left corner of the interface to manipulate your players to run, the lower right corner is shooting, passing, fast break, defense, block, change and other buttons, when the attack and defense switch these buttons also change. If you liked this short article and you would like to receive more information concerning If you liked this short article and you would like to receive more information concerning NBA Mobile Coins kindly browse through our own webpage.kindly browse through our own webpage.The key to winning the game is to control the intensity bar when shooting, and the player trading and strengthening system greatly increases the playability of the game. Simplicity of the operation, will let players quickly start this game, like basketball players to see here is not heartbeat?


Generally speaking, when a sports game combines the real picture, rich system and simple operation, do you think its quality may be poor? Of course, a good game is to withstand the test of the player, I believe this game will also have a good reputation.

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