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Let Gamerusher tell you Just what are The Features of MapleStory 2 game

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Dana Tevenson (danatevenson)

Why did Maplestory Crash collapse and how to solve this problem we prepared some special Christmas discounts every day during the Christmas promotions. All you need to do is to have all your details. To find a secret place, go to Henesey's, and then visit the tree. For many Maplestory workshops, clicking on (hp) washes can make battle bosses and general training easier. Obviously, more HP means a better chance of survival from monsters and certain types of attacks against strong bosses. It can almost be used for HP cleaning, blood rinsing or why not a fairly high level of survival can be achieved. Hp washing is not cheap for anyone who can't fight for your boss in Maplestory every time in order to accomplish a lot and very little.

If you become a dagger rogue, I would say how the best MapleStory 2 was upgraded, two places west of Ellinia, Slime Tree. Henesys Party Quest is also recommended for such levels. However, if it is usually a paw hooligan, additional fruits and vegetables may go to Heness hunting grounds to kill snails. Slime Tree can kill mucus if you like, but it's a little difficult and may produce less results. As a hoodlum, you haven't got the scope of expansion, so you'd better keep it small and use snails immediately.



MapleStory 2 Mesos is a free MMO video game developed in Korea through a game studio called Wizet. Because of the addictive style of playing games, many people download games and enjoy games. Unlike most RPG games, which are usually 3D and free roaming, MapleStory is strictly 2D and is a horizontal rolling pastime. But don't let its form deceive you.If you liked this short article and you would like to receive more information concerning MapleStory 2 Mesos kindly go to our internet site. The game still feels big and open, so you can travel everywhere. In addition, your game graphics are rich and colorful, very suitable for this type.

Level 55-59: At this point, you can continue fighting straw target dummies, Jr. Yetis and Lustre Pixies. Drake's table is also a good place for training.

31~35. When you reach this level of boredom (because you can't do any party tasks), go to the mini dungeons where zombies live and the mini dungeons where zombies live. You should have an area of damage to dealers, though each tower has something full of monsters. Or you can do some normal search to gain their experience, and unless you do jump tasks, it's really boring.

In Maplestory, you can use some obvious methods on five different default servers that can be used by any public user. As expected, it depends on your version and language in the game. These servers are all public, and Nexon is the boss and manager of these servers. These groups have little control over the customization of these servers because they are open and entertainment companies are owners. GM is allocated by car owners, not by friends and other roles in sports circles. In a public server, anyone may have very little control. Nexon's budget is expensive and hard to get, so it's mesos, and leveling is harder than a private Maplestory server.


First, there are some Hewlett-Packard Co figures that can meet important milestones in different situations. Unless otherwise specified, most of them are related to most categories other than wizards. Mages acquired an art and craft that reduced the amount of damage transported to HP and applied it to Mayor. Warriors also gain strength guard, MapleStory 2 helps with physical damage (usually into monsters), but it is not conducive to magic destruction.

The power balance explained here is 100% class. The basic concept is that you buy/collect a large amount of potions into the best training point for your skills in hurting and defeating monsters. When your HP or MP is low, you only use potion and continue to work. There is no safe point waiting for your HP or MP to charge slowly. If you really want to achieve a fast level and can often use it in the Maple Story version you play with, then concentrating on your breathing can also get a 4-hour 2x experience card and try to use the highest possible time processing.

Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos Wraiths and Zombies also provide a good experience, but MDTS and Hoodoo/Voodoos are often better, and Singapore's Slims or Mr. Anchor also provide a good experience, many Voodoos/Hoodoos for an hour.

Final Fantasy XI-FFXI brings us a story line, games and designs that go far beyond other sales.For more info on cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos review the web site.It has an unforgettable NPC, and the background story will also attract you, dreamy colors and graphics. In order to fully implement all the ways the game provides, you need to do a lot of hard work, so this is not a super casual player's game. But your efforts will be rewarded to find everything that FFXI contains.

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