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Make Protecting Your Child Priority Number One with Little Ones 1st Child Safety Locks That Keep Cab

Little Ones 1st has just launched its new and innovative product that will keep any cabinets and drawers safely locked while keeping your kids’ fingers safe.


Little Ones has designed a new and unique childproofing safety lock that can easily be attached to any surface and help keep little kids from getting caught in between open doors or cabinets. This innovative product uses adhesive installation technology so there is no need for screws and nails.


The company staff is made up of parents that believe every child must be able to explore their own environment without any risk or harm that may befall them. This is one of the main reasons why they have come up with a product design that will help parents like them focus on other things while their child explores. Little Ones 1st provide solutions for common parental problems.


There is no better way to baby proof a home than with Little Ones 1st’s cabinet locks child safety latches. This can easily be installed on cupboards, drawers, fridges, ovens and toilets without using any tools or magnetic keys that can easily be lost. These adhesive child safety locks use top of the line 3M VHB Red Adhesive Pad which is one of the strongest adhesive pads in the market today. This same type of adhesive pad is commonly used in commercial construction and even in the motor and automotive industry.


Little Ones 1st offers a complete baby proofing kit that comes with two adjustable and multipurpose flexible strap locks and another design with ten spring load locks. This child proofing kit is ideal for home use and will ensure that all drawers and cabinets are safely locked from children. This innovative design also provides faster and more convenient accessibility for adults compared to child locks using magnetic locking system or keys. Its slide lock and a push-down spring system means only adults can unlock it for quick and easy access. This also comes with a lock disabling feature which is very convenient especially if the lock is not constantly needed or when there is no child present.


Little Ones 1st child safety latches offer parents an innovative solution to keep their drawers and cabinets safely locked with no keys to lose.


Media Contact:
Website: https://www.littleones1st.com
Email: marketing@littleones1st.com

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