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Selro Supports Reverb Marketplace Integration For Multichannel Inventory And Order Management

Online businesses looking to save time and cost, can rely on the Selro marketplace integration for inventory and order management. While welcoming e-commerce sellers dealing with music equipment, a Selro company representative said that with the platform, e-commerce sellers can manage their Reverb inventory, have a chance to list on multiple channels, manage orders and keep their stock level in sync across all channels.


According to the company representative, some of the services that users will get on the site include:


Multi channel listing


Here, the users will have an opportunity to create new listing as well as update the existing one. They are also allowed to manage the Reverb listing through Selro, listing their Reverb catalogue on the e-commerce store as well as keeping the stock in sync with the sales channel.


Inventory sync, keeps the stock levels in sync across all the selling channels. This helps the seller to avoid overselling and also protects the Reverb seller rating.




The platform allows the user to get the customer order and invoices pushed into their favorite accounting system. The platform supports Kashflow, Quick books and soon Xero and Sage will be available.




According to the customers who have used Selro, the site integrates directly with a number of leading couriers, this according to the company representative makes it easy to create shipping labels and fulfill orders for all the sales channels.


Reducing operation cost


Selro users have found a great way to reduce costs, the platform eliminates the need to employ full time staff, as revealed by Andrew Saunders from Myrtel Health, a company that has adopted the platform, and this has led to a great reduction in operational cost. “Without Selro I would have to employ two full time staff to do the same thing,” said Andrew who also confided that Selro helps to grow online businesses with multiple marketplaces.


About Selro


Selro is a platform that provides all the tools which are needed to manage and grow your e-commerce business. The platform allows the user to manage multi channel inventories and orders, keeping the stock levels in sync with all the sales channels.


About Reverb.com


Reverb.com is an online store where people can buy and sell new, used and vintage music gear. The marketplace was founded by David Kalt in 2013. The site allows users to create free listings for musical equipment. At a given time, the site has more than half a million listings ranging from guitars, studio gear, DJ equipment, and drums, among other musical equipment's and instruments.


Location: 450 Brook Drive Green Park Berkshire UK
Email: support@selro.com
Phone no. US (650)735-3738 UK 02038587966
Web: https://selro.com

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