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New sleek, hand-held, cleansing bidet for women AND men is now available for funding at Indiegogo

Heavenly Bottoms introduces Cheeky™ the very first derriere cleansing bidet of its kind. This little bidet will completely change the way users clean their derriere. Because wash cloths and poufs are simply gross and unsanitary, Cheeky is ready to clean things up. Cheeky is the perfect, hygienic solution that will remove booty bacteria between your cheeks. This smart, easy to use and convenient derriere cleaner is now available for funding at Indiegogo through the crowdfunding campaign link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cheeky-world-s-first-derriere-cleansing-wand#/


Cheeky is a revolutionary product with a sleek, classy and cool design. It is the answer to eliminating the spread of harmful bacteria from your backside to other areas of your body in the bath or shower, changing the way personal hygiene is done. Using everyday bacteria-breeding cleaning materials like wash cloths and poufs on both the body and the booty will be things of the past now that there is a better and smarter way to clean with Cheeky.  


Cheeky has innovative features that will delight its users, like the disposable and replaceable eco-friendly sponge that fits comfortably between the butt cheeks for effective cleaning. Cheeky also has a nifty 360-degree bidet sprayer which is activated by a convenient push button to thoroughly and efficiently rinse away impurities. With its lightweight, comfortable ergonomic handle and lanyard attachment, Cheeky can improve grip and mobility to clean the sometimes hard-to-reach backside area. Cheeky is slim, portable, practical and hygienically designed to prevent the spread of bacteria from the butt to other areas of the body in the bath or shower.


Heavenly Bottoms® would like to invite people to their Cheeky crowdfunding campaign to give them a chance to be part of the development of a product that will improve personal hygiene across the globe. The campaign which is running under the motto Cheeky leaves the booty bacteria behind where it belongs aims at raising funds to help in the production process. People who would like to back Cheeky up or those who would like to learn more about the campaign are asked to visit the site https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cheeky-world-s-first-derriere-cleansing-wand#/.


About Heavenly Bottoms


Heavenly Bottoms, the brand behind Cheeky, was founded in 2008 with an aim to make Cheeky Beauty Essentials the new norm by defying taboos and shining the brightest spotlight on the importance of derriere care. Heavenly Bottoms' mission is to provide a world of luxurious products to pamper women while inspiring them to feel pretty and confident through pampering themselves. The company website is www.heavenlybottoms.com




Website: www.heavenlybottoms.com 

Indiegogo campaign link: 


Email: tsmith@heavenlybottoms.com

USA, CA, Los Angeles

Phone:  (310) 387-7907

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