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The Easiest Way To Turn Your Free Twitter Followers Into Peope That Give You Free Youtube Views On A



Twitter is quickly becoming a dominant microblogging platform that has shown its resilience time and time again. Twitter has over a billion registered users and three hundred million of those are active on a monthly basis. YouTube is where a lot of people come get their fix of interesting video content. One billion plus active users to be precise. When the free twitter followers are combined with the free YouTube views that you generate, there is no limit to where you can take your brand.

The key is learning how to make sure these two platforms complement each other while not taking away from either one. This article will focus on how to convert those free twitter followers into a massive number of views on your youtube channel.


Optimizing your account for free twitter followers


There are a few best practices that will allow you to grow your twitter following quickly and effectively. Since you are working to get free youtube views the best feature on twitter to use would be the vine application. It has been proven that the best way to increase engagement on twitter by up to 150% is through the use of pictures and videos.

Create short blurbs that showcase amazing clips from your content on YouTube and make sure to stick a link in the tweet so that people will have a way to get back to your YouTube channel and watch the entire show.

A rule of thumb for tweeting that is commonly referred to as the tweetspot is to tweet two to four tweets a day. This will make sure that engagement stays high without annoying your current twitter followers.


Tweet about your brand throughout the day but make sure that you engage with other users. Retweet other peoples tweets and try and talk to your followers as much as possible.


Tweet during the time when your twitter followers are most active so that you will have a higher chance of getting your message retweeted and increase your exposure. When you do that, you will eventually begin to get a lot of free twitter followers.


As you fill out your bio for your twitter account, make sure to include a link back to your YouTube channel so that interested parties have a readily available way to get to where you want them to go.


Remain consistent


Rome was not built in a day but it did eventually rise above the crowd and is now remembered fondly by historians. The point here is to keep on going with your twitter account to make sure you are able to rack up followers which convert to free YouTube views.


There is no way for you to eventually succeed at what you are doing if you keep at it for only one week and then quit. You need to apply enough consistency to establish yourself as a regular twitter user that your followers know will give them great content.


If you optimize your twitter account in this manner a lot of our free twitter followers will be transformed into free YouTube views before you know it. Just make sure you keep on sharing great content and promote it regularly. Remember that above all things you should be having fun with your social media account.

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