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A new online Marketplace for Experts, Stars, Coaches, Teachers and Influencers with free sign-up

Professionals searching for a platform where they can get coaching - customers now have a new marketplace for Experts, Stars, Coaches, Teachers and Influencers. CoachTheWorld.com is offering professionals a free sign-up with no monthly fee and a platform with the best coaching experience. The platform is similar to Airbnb or Uber with the main difference being that one buys knowledge or buying experience to talk with stars like Nick Santonastasso or actors like Rob Mello or Tamara Glynn from the movie Halloween.


Based in Tampa Florida, the platform is designed in such a way that coaching sessions can be booked and take place at any time of the day or night, depending on the schedule and convenience of the users. The platform provides for video chat through the app or desktop web browsers. It allows the coaches to exponentially increase their client base and earning potential while streamlining their services with the booking, payment, and chat integration.


Joining and sign up is absolutely free whether one is an expert, coach, influencer or a user.


How CoachTheWorld.com works


For coaches and influencers, the platform is a place which allows them to work from anywhere and market their knowhow around the world. “This is the first complete online virtual office where coaches’ profiles are marketed all over the world. We are the number one online office which gives coaches and influencers more exposure, gives more clients and security where one does not have to be running after payments. The platform takes 15% + payment fee of 3% of each coaching session for marketing and support, providing the best online coaching experience for both the coach and the customer,” said the spokesperson while calling out on coaches and influencers to be part of the next generation platform.


According to the platform’s spokesperson, a new customer is required to search the database and get the best coach depending on their needs. This is regardless of the location. The next step involves booking through a secure platform and paying online. The customer will engage with the coach through a video chat. “ You will find life coaches, nutritionists, influencers, IT experts, YouTubers and many other coaches at the touch of a button. All you are required to do is just sign up or login and select the coach that you need,” said the spokesperson.Visit our website at http://www.coachtheworld.com/


About CoachTheWorld


CoachTheWorld is a virtual coaching platform connecting people who need support with expert coaches. It is a global marketplace for experts and influencers. The platform matches users with coaches based on specific user needs, allowing users to find the very best fit for their needs.

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