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How to choose a good flocked sponge for makeup


( Why choose PUSPONG flocking technology)


1. First and important thing is it won’t easy to take the fiber off. I don’t think there has many factories of makeup sponge can do this, flocked on the makeup sponge ( NR, SBR, NBR, Latex-free) is a new things on this field. PUSPONGE Limited’s focking technology is leaning from Japan, they used the special glues that held the fiber firmly on the makeup sponge, this makes it safer to use.


2. The fibers needs soft and comfortable. You may ask: what difference does it make with this little fluff? Of course! As you know, fluff is very very very small, isn’t it hard to adjust its softness and stiffness in such a small pile? But we know Mico-fiber is the top one in this field, use this fiber is best choose!


3. Uniformity of the flocking density. Mechanical uniform rotation speed, and flocked master skilled operation related.


These 3 points can exclude most flocking sponge companies, add there has special requirements of flocked on makeup sponge: Flocking on latex-free cosmetic sponge needs the flocking has expansibility as the sponge; flocking sponge of lip color pen, it needs the head (flocking sponge) has good liquid passability!


Choose PUSPONGE the top one cosmetic sponge flocking technology, you won’t be wrong! Contact now: sales@pusponge.com

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