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EV Trail Launches to Support Long Distance Travel for Electric Cars

Electric vehicle users will soon have the power to reach places they thought were impossible. EV Trail is geared towards bringing EV Fast Charging Stations to the lower populated areas in the Mountain region of America as a bold move that will provide electric vehicles the capacity for long distance travel to popular destinations.


Founded by Curtis Claar, who has previous experience in electronic contract manufacturing, the EV Trail team has years of experience in technology, energy, and media businesses which will prove valuable in making sure that the entire region will be connected in the near future so EV drivers can enjoy the possibility of long distance travel anytime they want.


"Without fast charging stations on the roads between popular destinations, people are limited to in-town use of their electric cars. Where's the fun it that," Curtis Claar commented. “What good is an electric car if you can’t drive it everywhere you can drive a gas car,” he added.


Electric cars’ popularity continues to intensify, as more and more drivers start to acknowledge the economic and environmental benefits of owning an electric vehicle. While electric car manufacturers constantly reassure the public that long distance travel is possible with today’s newer and more sophisticated models, we are yet to see the support from third party providers with regards to accessible charging stations across the region.


But this is no longer the case for EV drivers. EV Trail is planning to put up fast charging stations in places you would have thought it impossible to find one. "When I figured out that Wyoming and South Dakota had zero fast chargers for non-Tesla vehicles, I decided we had to jump on the opportunity. I'm not talking a small number, I'm talking zero," Claar said.


Some proposals of early planned trails include Denver to Mount Rushmore and Denver to Yellowstone. "Eventually, EV adoption in Wyoming and South Dakota will catch up to California and the rest of the country. When it does, we want to be solidly in place and ready to support the numbers. Until then, we need to be in Wyoming and South Dakota as a way to support Colorado EV owners," Claar added.


Paving Trails for EV Drivers


One area in which electric vehicles fall behind is in the overall distance they can be driven on a single charge, which is now popularly known as "range anxiety” within the industry. But as EV Trail poses to help build the charging infrastructure across the country, long road trips and adventures will be feasible for EV owners just like with fossil-fuel powered cars.


At present, majority of charge point operators and charging networks have been focused on metro areas. To ensure access is there, EV Trail is more focused on connecting the dots and bridging the gaps by installing fast chargers at points between popular destinations, creating “trails”. Parallel efforts in other countries have proven to be significant and crucial for the overall adoption of EVs and are often called “electric highways.”


To raise public awareness and usage of these “off the path” charging stations, all EV Trail’s charging stations will be listed on the federal charging station database. In addition, the EV Trail charging network will also be listed on all public charging location maps. The company is also planning to offer its own EV Trail app for Android™ and iPhone® devices that will allow users to easily search for nearby stations and also use the same app for charger activation.


As more and more people start to recognize the advantage of using electric vehicles, charging stations and networks also need to grow to meet the growing demand. This is what EV Trail is helping to achieve and embolden EV drivers to take their long overdue road trip.


Curtis Claar

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