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Made-To-Order Apparel - The new ethical way to shop

The world today has become wasteful, with the throw away culture having spread far and wide, there are literally tons of unwanted and unsold clothing filling the landfills every year. It is not just clothing being wasted, energy, water and other precious resources go down the drain with each unsold t-shirt. Campton Clothing has chosen a different path, with the use of a strategy that leads to little wastage and ultimately leads to the conservation of the environment. The sustainable and simplified make-to-order approach by Campton Clothing aims at providing people who are interested in comfortable fashion a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of shopping. The company aims at preventing large amounts of wasted clothing from going to the landfills by only filling orders by wanting customers. Various reports have shown that resources to produce clothing that people do not want or need, rank amongst the largest climate changer culprits. Campton Clothing through its unique approach aims at providing adventure apparel, Canadian made favorite hoodies, and great lakes apparel among other varieties. Every order is Made-to-Order and the resources put into the design and marketing are only acquired when one makes a purchase.


Campton Clothing was born out of a campfire conversation, between two northern-born sisters. According to one of the founders, the aim was to create an authentic clothing company that both strived to give back to the society and also to create simplified comfort and style with black and white designs. “This was a chance for us to redefine Canadian style through offering quality, natural and simple designs”. “Our company is a real representation of Campton, a small town etched in history and abundant in natural resources. A simple place with all the natural riches; rivers, falls, forests, and mountains, among others, and an inspiring place that captured our vision, mission and values,” said one of the company founders.


Campton Clothing is for people who love the simple lifestyle but want to be stylish and comfortable. The company strives to ensure that nature is conserved by making everything in the form of “make to order”, whereby it gets just the right size, right colour and to the right customer.


"As sisters growing up in Northern Canada, we grew up with the simple life...we've always been trying to get back. Made-to-order is a blast from the past, but it is clothing made with intention, quality and with awareness of the cost to the earth around us," said the founder while outlining the company vision.


She also revealed that they had received support from various quarters including celebrities."We've had significant support from so many important leaders in our culture, from Roxy Earle (Real Housewives of Toronto and creator of #mysizeroxs all inclusive sizing), to Ski Professional, Hayden Korte-Moore (top 10 Canadian Instagramer to follow and alpine skier) and social media star, Rhianna Weaver (Business entrepreneur & star of Housewives of Hockey), that we recognize our gear fits everyone's lazy day weekends and adventure needs," one of the founders said.


For more information, Email Georgina @: info@camptonclothing.com
Or visit their website: www.camptonclothing.com

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