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Nevada Parents Invent World’s Safest Most Adaptable Easy Swaddle to Help Baby Sleep and Reduce SID

As simple as the end result may look, it took almost two years to make the concept of this innovative baby swaddle a reality. Swaddling your baby should be as easy as wrapping a blanket and with AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets, this is no longer a problem. AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets can be adjusted to any baby and with its innovative design, it will hold them closed as you go and will never come unwrapped.


Founded in 2016 by new parents who were tired of buying new swaddle blankets and devices to accommodate their rapidly growing new baby, Snugglebumpkinz revolutionized the way parents swaddle their baby. Apart from providing great help for babies to achieve the best sleeping experience, the AdaptiFIT also helps reduce the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS by eliminating hazardous loose blankets in the sleep area.


SIDS is the unexplained death that often happens during sleep, of an apparently healthy infant less than a year old. Sudden Infant Death is also known as crib death because the infants often perish in their cribs without any explanation.


Today, many available swaddle blankets and other similar devices in the market seem like they don’t promote this safe sleep environment. A highly active baby can often wriggle out of his swaddle while sleeping and the loose blanket poses high SIDS risk. But Snugglebumpkinz AdaptiFIT technology is a self-adhesive/self-cohesive blanket design that is easy to adjust and will not come loose even when the baby is tossing and turning in his sleep.


This easy swaddle, wearable blanket is perfect for new parents with super-active babies. "AdaptiFIT is the world’s most adjustable easy swaddle device and the world’s safest baby swaddle blanket," said Snugglebumpkinz founder. "Now you can relieve your swaddle anxiety and you don’t need to stick your baby in a sack!" she added.


This product has been developed to fit every baby and can be easily adjusted to their needs while relieving the stress parents feel while trying to swaddle their babies properly. Even the most inexperienced parent or grandparent who is log past swaddling days can easily swaddle up baby. Snugglebumpkinz decided that the best choice would be to simplify the concept as much as possible and provide parents with a hybrid solution that regular swaddle blankets failed to address. This truly adaptable easy swaddle is guaranteed to grow with babies and their ever-changing needs.


To learn more, visit www.snugglebumpkinz.com and browse featured products.



Dash Glazer


Henderson, Nevada USA


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