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From Research Lab to the Runway

Recently crowned as United States of America’s Miss Pennsylvania 2019, Kayla Root is not your regular beauty titlist. This stunning beauty and brain from Penn State University is taking dual major in microbiology and physics with the hope of becoming a veterinarian and animal health correspondent. In just a few weeks, Kayla will be representing in the United States of America’s Miss pageant.


Joining beauty pageants in the past helped mold her to what she is now and provided the necessary experience for winning the crown. “It initially helped me overcome shyness, but over the years I’ve learned confidence, poise, public speaking, health and fitness, and how to think quickly on my feet,” Root remarked, “I read the motto of the United States of America’s Pageants, which is to ‘Empower women, Inspire others, and Uplift everyone, and I knew I wanted to compete,” she added. The beliefs and values of being crowned Miss Pennsylvania echoed with her own principle with regards to the effect of exceptional experiences in driving the value of each individual.


Kayla is confident that the being United States of America’s Miss Pennsylvania 2019 can help her. “No matter what, I will achieve my goals, but the title and support can help me do it faster,” Root explained. Kayla plans to accomplish three goals this year starting in expanding her non-profit, Beyond Equality’s board of directors and provide more scholarships. She is also hoping that her title can help her in promoting ‘Four-Legged Fitness Challenge’ which she founded to encourage people to exercise with their pets. And because music is one of her biggest hobbies, she plans to play music or sing at as many venues as possible this year. For those who do not know Kayla, she is a great music lover and can play 8 different instruments.


Looking forward after winning the competition, Kayla is relishing every step of the journey, “I’m gaining such amazing experiences, I am very excited and looking forward to what comes next,” she said. As she prepares for United States of America’s Miss this coming February, Kayla will have to put off her research work at Penn State to train for the pageant. Although she has competed in pageants off and on for almost 10 years now, there are tons of things to prepare for that will need her diligence and focus.


To request an appearance with Kayla Nicole Root, please visit her ‘USOA Miss Pennsylvania’ page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/USOA-Miss-Pennsylvania-297019664477889/ or via e-mail at USOAMissPennsylvania@gmail.com.


United States, PA, State College

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