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Choosing a home to attend rehabilitation for substance abuse is an empowering step towards freedom. Substance Abuse Treatment Helpline gives you facilities that provide trustworthy and most convenient methods in achieving sobriety and the highest possibility of maintaining that sobriety once achieved. However, the treatment differs from people to people. It’s not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Every person has unique care requirements based on the factors they had encountered including what are the substances they are addicted to, how long they’ve been addicted to such substances, whether or not they have concurring disorders and personal preferences. In addition, every facility has a unique remedy for substance abuse used. However, despite the variations, there are still specific generalities that most treatment processes must follow. Treatment of substance abuse could be an early treatment, middle or late stages treatment. In early treatment, patients can be emotionally weak, ambivalent about relinquishing chemicals and are resistant to treatment. Thus, treatment strategies focus on urgent concerns such as obtaining abstinence, preventing relapse, and handling cravings. Emotionally charged factors, such as catharsis and reenactment of the family of origin issues, are deferred until later in treatment. In the middle stage of treatment, clients need the group’s assistance in recognizing that their substance abuse causes many of the problems they had faced and hinders them from getting things they need. As patients reluctantly separate their ties with substances, they need help to manage their loss and determining healthy substitutes. Oftentimes, they need supervision in understanding and handling their emotional lives. Late‐stage treatment consumes less time on substance abuse per se and turns toward distinguishing the treatment gains to be sustained and possible risks that remain.

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