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Chelsey Mark Going Big in the Year of the Pig

Chelsey Mark a Canadian actor, singer, emcee and speaker, is making it big in Canada six months after relocating from China. After graduating Brandon University, Chelsey moved to the China and has spent 18 years in the country. During his stay in China, he mastered the art of being a singer, emcee, speaker and actor. And surely, 2019 is going to be a big year for this artist.


His Early Life


Chelsey Mark was born and raised in Dauphin Canada where he attended school at the City of Dauphin. After completing the university education, Chelsey moved to China. It was while in China that his career as a music artist had shone. He had his first big break in 2005 when he won the first round of the Star road. This development boosted his TV singing career. And in the next two years, he competed in a number of singing competitions. Among them is an American Idol type of talent program that showcases performances in a number of stadiums. He also won an award at the Sprite Wo Xing Wo Xiu singing competition. His talent and growing reputation opened many doors for him. He became the official TV personality and emcee for "NBA Made in China", the NBA's official TV show in China (2007). This gave him a chance to tour on different parts of the world, meeting and interviewing several NBA legends and stars as well as attending four NBA All Star games. He became the face of NBA in China.


His role as an Emcee also opened more opportunities for him. He was one of the most sought hosts with several brands seeking his services. Major TV shows including Top Gear, Let's Music, and Travelogue hired him for the live events. Other branding places where he emceed include: events for Taylor Swift, BMW, Microsoft, Nike, Dwayne Wade, Men's Health and American Airlines.


Film Industry


In the film industry Chelsey has managed to achieve greater height of success, way above what most of the actors have accomplished. He shot three different movies which are set to be released in 2019 namely: Strike!, Fatal Friend Request and Variant. Among the three movies, his biggest role was the lead villain “Uncle Coke” in the feature film Variant premiering in theatres throughout China. Uncle Coke, his character, is responsible for the capture and sale of an alien which is said to have the powers to cure all cancer on earth.




To get here, Chelsey has focused on perfecting his art, taking any advantage to improve the skills. He had attended several acting coaching classes organized by Coaches Nancy Sorel and Paul Andrich, and he also attended workshops with comedy legend Kevin McDonald, and famous directors Sean Garrity and Doug Mitchell.


Relocation to Canada


Chelsey appreciates that China had been good to him. The country had given him a lot of opportunities to master his performing skills, find his root and become a responsible man. He acknowledges the struggle of achieving all of those things but he knows that he had succeeded beyond his expectations. He announces that he’s not leaving China. “I am just spending more time in Canada taking my life and craft to the next level,” he said. Chelsey adds that 2018 has been an amazing year while thanking everybody who welcomed him back.


For more info,Visit here https://www.facebook.com/MaixiaolongChelseyMark/

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