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Royal Alliances Introduces Consulting Services for Independent Presort Shops to Win More Business

Royal Alliances provides a partnership network that offers a revolutionary mailing industry experience to secure additional revenue, slash surplus costs, and establish new profitable business relationships. Royal Alliances now delivers value to partners and prospective customers through its recently launched RA Consultancy Services. The offering is available to mail service providers and mail owners.


Royal Alliances is home to several mail industry experts with a diverse set of experiences and breadth of knowledge. The company has partnered with independent presort shops and mail service providers to grow their businesses and become more competitive against well-known national competitors. Specific areas of interest include operations, data analytics and software.


In order to best leverage their in-house talent and meet the significant inbound requests of the industry, Royal Alliances announced the release of RA Consultancy Services to help build profits for independent presort shops.


“Royal Alliances is breathing life back into the vast opportunity within the mail presort industry,” Aaron McDaniel, Royal Alliances CEO, said. “Software, analytics and having complete control of a company’s operations enables operators to differentiate themselves with superior service while remaining price competitive. They are winning business! It is fun and exciting again for the independent presort shops. Using our software platform gives these owners the ability to become the best in the business.”


Royal Alliances is offering its expertise to the marketplace through the RA Consultancy Services to build a nationwide network of independent businesses that can offer superior service to current countrywide competitors. Royal Alliances’ free software platform supports the consulting offering as it helps manage the front and back ends of the mailing business. Users increase efficiency and profitability.


RA Consultancy Services helps businesses assess their options (including E-induction, seamless acceptance, USPS delivery, move update, USPS full service requirements, by/for requirements, sort schemes, CAPS/EPS and MLOCR vendor selection), evaluate expansion efforts, build industry pricing awareness, learn best practices within their operations, and improve postage optimization.


McDaniel continued, “Regardless of tenure, mailing professionals are inundated with ongoing changes to pricing and preparation and delivery requirements. Working with industry experts committed to innovation can alleviate the burdensome challenges. Our partners are aware that the loss, or delay, of mailpieces can be a grave business issue.” RA Consultancy Services is designed to mitigate any preventable issues and design contingency plans, while simultaneously maximizing profitability for their customers.


About Royal Alliances:


Royal Alliances is at the forefront of revolutionizing the mail industry by combining systems and business procedures from large and small print, fulfillment, presort, and logistics businesses on a free, easy to use, web-based software platform. Fully endorsed by the US Postal Service, Royal Alliances creates mailing industry relationships to drive increased revenue and cost reductions for partner firms. The software platform provides mail owners and service providers (e.g. presort shops) and mail service providers a solution that will make business operations easier and more manageable.


The robust software platform aligns service providers and mail owners across the country which improves efficiency for all partners. By delivering innovative and creative solutions without sacrificing the need for a user-friendly experience, Royal Alliances is giving other companies and their customers the opportunity to once again experience the excitement of the mail industry.



Jett Miller
Executive Vice President

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