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New Clothing Brand From Florida For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Though active since 2017, CEOWNIT is offering new products and clothing items for CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals, now available for direct purchase at ceownitstore.com.


Wearing a suit jacket to work is no longer an essential part of the modern day professionals’ repertoire. Dressing for success doesn’t always have to be formal. CEOWNIT offers a more casual alternative, by providing informal work apparel options.  CEOWNIT sells many different types of apparel, such as t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats. Each is uniquely designed with graphics meant to create a positive mindset. Also for sale is a wide variety of other products that can be used both at work and at home. Some of these products include: power banks, coffee mugs, coasters, tumblers, travel bags, and water bottles.


With a slogan like “Listen. Learn. Live.”, it’s impossible to not develop and maintain a positive mindset when wearing CEOWNIT apparel. As a CEO, entrepreneur, or business owner, these are exactly the traits needed to keep a business running smoothly; the ability to listen, learn, and live. As the company members say, “if you’re looking for something new and positive, you’re in the right place”. Formal suit jackets are a thing of the past, but CEOWNIT apparel offers a fresh alternative. Go from dreary and formal to casual and stylish with their printed designs.




This innovative brand was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. CEOWNIT was created by a small group of people who were motivated to create high quality apparel for high quality professionals. They believe in positivity, believing in yourself, and allowing entrepreneurs the freedom to choose their business attire for themselves. CEOWNIT strives to be a better brand every single day. 


Media Contacts:

Phone: 305-814-7746

Email: ceownitgroup@gmail.com

Web: www.ceownitstore.com



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