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How does xenon projector work?

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Automotive Headlight Comparison (prefetabin1973)

On the within front lights, it have a module that holds the projector so we can see the shaft in the back, this is where the light bulb sits. It kept in location like that and afterwards this large steel dish is the reflector however generally it's smooth.

Now instead of having an extremely huge flat format reflector where you have a whole lot of surface location to develop a huge beam pattern.


  • On a projector we have a very tiny reflector bowl, it doesn't actually even go in very far.
  • You have solitary light beam as well as dual light beam simply like a reflector.
  • Single beam of light and dual beam of light simply like a light bulb single beam of light or dual beam.
  • The dual beam of light projector has a solenoid and also some white coming out.
  • Now, in a solitary light beam bi led projector you would not have that saw frustrated, you would certainly not have that cutoff shield, you would just have one static projector for reduced beam and also either an additional projector for high beam or a reflector for high beam.


Currently the RAM is even a lot more fascinating, since it makes use of all 3 designs: projector, reflector, and also a dual beam projector.

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