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The Guide to Retrofit Hella5 bi xenon projector set in BMW 120i

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Mar 21, 2019  ( 1 post )  
1:26 am
Lind Doio (ruelunchgerpens1979)

Our client Tomas has actually driven BMW 120i for a couple of years. It gets dimmer and also dimmer, and also the lighting is not nearly enough for the evening driving. Tomas favors a bright light emits for a long distance and also it can present the BMW attribute.


We supply numerous replacement packages for the BMW 120i consists of Hella 5 bi xenon projector set. He chooses the last plan, upgrades with Hella 5 bi-xenon projectors kit.

Prior to the disassembly, we have actually evaluated the factory front lights. It can not focus light and the lighting is limited. That would certainly not good for the night driving if there is some crash happens.

Put the housing right into the oven after the protection measures were all done. Seal an anti-scratch, anti-pollution as well as high-temperature resistance protective finishing on the housing cover.


Take front lights apart, took off the OEM reflector, set up Hella 5 bi xenon projector and the new HID light bulb right into the housing. While the setup procedure was done, one of the most important thing is to test the light to guarantee the new replacement emits a risk-free light beam pattern.


Currently you can see a brand-new upgrade appearance of the BMW 120i housing. The light beam pattern is a lot more considerable than the factory one. It is showed as below.

When you are mosting likely to alter the original front lights into a projector or a led vehicle light bulb, you need to have a sufficient realize of the retrofit kit. At the exact same time, you can contact us to make out an ideal pointer for your retrofitting front lights.

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