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Gene Carrejo: Live the Vegas Way

Gene Carrejo, the owner of Xuberance, spoke to Off The Strip about his lifestyle and favorite activities in Vegas. His company’s aim is to improve the quality of life of Vegas locals through nutritional support, hormone balance, personalized training, and age management therapies.


Gene took this project because he believes in a better quality of life and everyone deserves nothing less than that. His lifestyle preferences reflect that quite clearly.

In terms of activities off the strip, he loves the outdoors more than anything else. Gene takes the full advantage of 300 days of Vegas sunshine by golfing, hiking, biking, swimming, and many other outdoor activities. Such outdoor activities are important for leading a healthy life and staying away from diseases as well as physical issues that come with age.


His preferences with off the strip activities are quite energetic and interesting too. Dinner and a show are his favorites, but he loves concerts as well. Maestros concerts always amaze him. In fact, when Van Morrison was in Vegas, Gene used to be a regular on that show.


It is really nice to see that Gene’s food habit is like other regular Vegas dwellers. He loves Thai food and goes to a restaurant called “The King and I” at the lakes. The ambiance of this restaurant is the main point of its charm for him. He prefers to have his lunch or dinner in vibrant environments.


When asked about his favorite business, he pointed to his own company before any other. That is quite understandable too. He gave his life’s work for this company, and has a vision that is close to his heart. Apart from Xuberance, he also thinks Café Lola is a great business that does not only have massive potential, but also really appreciable business ideas and visions.


Gene has been coming to Vegas since he was nineteen years old. He can still recall his teenage memories about Las Vegas and feels the same excitement every time he comes back. Being sixty two now, he wants to keep coming back and have the same experiences over and over again.


It is so wonderful to see that someone like Gene who is as excited about Vegas as every other regular American. This certainly proves the charisma of this great city and its culture.


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