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President of the Marshall Islands spent a long weekend on Bikendrik Island

April 6, 2019 was Dr. Hilda Heine’s, the President of the Marshall Islands, birthday and she chose to celebrate it in a unique way. Together with her husband, Tommy Kitjiner Jr., she spent a long weekend at Private Island Boutique Resort Bikendrik. The couple were hosted by Susan Kayser, the owner of Bikendrik Island.


In a photo sent to the media, the President and her husband is seen relaxing while being served by Susan.


While it is not clear why the couple chose Bikendrik as the venue for their birthday weekend, those who have visited the place say it could be due to the warm air, water and the serenity of the location. One reviewer indicated that the only noises that one can hear while here are the waves, wind, and the Micronesian imperial pigeon.


The getaway which is owned the widow of famous rocket scientist, Professor Lutz Kayser, has received awards and accolades with the latest being one of th world’s best diving resorts. Online travel magazine, bigseventraval.com, named Bikendrik Island as the thirteenth best diving resort. The magazine described the hideaway as the best dive spot, both for wreck diving and reef diving, adding that it has all that one needed to get an unforgettable dive vacation. It is not clear whether President Dr. Hilda Heine participated in diving activities. “The resort is surrounded by crystal clear waters, coral reefs and its own coral garden in the lagoon, and there’s an onsite Dive Master,” quoted the magazine.


This is not the only coverage the private Island resort is getting. A documentary film, Fly Rocket Fly, which has already been selected for the German film price, narrates the extraordinary life of the Kaysers before their creation of the Island. The film, which was released on 27th September 2018, and was directed by Oliver Schwehm, is a recognition of the role that Professor Kayser played as a scientist and the extraordinary life that Kaysers led. The film is being shown in Europe and many other countries, something that Susanne described as an opportunity to allow people to know how the whole thing started.

“Private Island Boutique Resort Bikendrik will continue to offer world class services and activities,” said Susanne while welcoming those who would like to get a unique experience to chose it as their destination.


How to get there


Bikendrik Island is located in the northern Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands. It can be accessed through a direct flight from Honolulu to Amata Kabua Airport in Majuro. Visitors can be collected at the airport and taken to Bikendrik Island by boat, a trip that takes about 40 minutes.


About Boutique Resort Bikendrik Island


Boutique Resort Bikendrik Island is a small privately-owned island in the Northern Majuro Atoll. It is famous for its cuisine in the grand tradition of Cordon Bleu, its silver service and the stunning setting that also includes a coral garden.


Email: susannekayser@bikendrikisland.com
P.O.Box 720, MH 96960 Majuro,
Marshall Islands
Visit Us: http://www.bikendrikisland.com/

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