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Rules to follow for clients booking Escort Agency Services


In the modern city like New York, people have a lot many reasons for booking escort services, unlike the other countries. People here prefer to book the escort services not just for the sake of fulfilling their wild and sexual fantasies. But they also book the escorts for accompanying them for a grand party or to a club. Sometimes, they need the escorts for the house party and sometimes for the bachelor party also. That is why there is a reason why the escort services in New York City is quite costly. But despite the costly services provided by these escort agencies, there is hardly any season when you will find the demand for escorts going down.


Booking escort services


Booking escort services are not that easy, as one will have to follow some rules set by these escort agencies. Here, we are sharing with you a list of these rules, which you need to follow if you want to enjoy the escort service in NY City. No matter for which purpose you are making the booking, the rules apply to everyone. You can check the rules mentioned on the escort agencies website like on this site https://nycescortasian.com/. Let’s check what are these rules.


Age Restriction



The first and the foremost important rule for almost all the escort agencies is that the age of the client should be more than 18 years. This rule applies not just in New York City, but it is in almost all the countries. Below, the age of 18, the clients are prohibited and are restricted to enter the site or to book any kind of escort service. So, if the client’s age is above 18, they can check the box on the site, and can continue with their search. But if their age is legally below 18, it is a crime entering these sites. In some countries, the age restriction is till 21 years of age.


Advance Payment


If you are booking the Asian Escort NYC Service, you have to first make the payment and then only you can take the service. So, it is a prepaid kind of thing in New York with almost every escort service providing company. No matter whether you have hired the service for the first time or the tenth time, the rule remains the same for every client. Even if you are booking 2 escorts, so, you will have to pay for both of them in advance. These agencies collect the money from the clients as per the number of hours. So, in case, if the client wants to extend their number of hours, they will have to first make the payment, and then only the service will continue.


No personal information sharing


In most of the escort agencies all over the world, there is this rule of not sharing any sort of personal information. This means that the client cannot force the escort to share any kind of personal details with him or her. No matter, how many times the client has met the escort, but the rules will be the same for every meeting.

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