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100 Free Dating Sites: 4 Tips To Make Your First Date A Success


Free dating sites are many nowadays. If you have found an interesting person in one of these sites and you have agreed to go on the first date, how should you make the first date successful? Here are tips on how to do it:


Make it short


Although, you will be meeting your date to get to know him/her better, you shouldn't spend the entire day together. To lower the chances of making mistakes and increase your chances of making the date successful, you should make the date short. As rule of thumb, you should ensure that the date doesn't last more than two hours. Visit our website to get more info about 100 Free Dating Sites.


During the date, you should be positive and avoid discussing your ex. You should be polite. To increase your chances of getting a second date, you shouldn't reveal all of your personal information.


Never be late


It's very annoying when you have to wait for a person for a long time, isn't it? To make your big day a success, ensure that you arrive at the agreed venue on time. If you feel that you will be a little bit late may be due to traffic or another reason, always let the person you are meeting know about it.


Offer compliments


Are compliments a way of being polite? Yes they are. I have mentioned above that you need to be polite and one way of being polite is offering compliments. If you notice an appealing thing about your partner, you shouldn't hesitate to mention it.


While it's good to offer compliments, you shouldn't offer more than one compliment. This is to avoid coming out as desperate.


Talk and listen


Ever been with a person who can't listen? How about a person who has nothing to say about himself/herself? Either situation is awkward. For your date to be successful you need to be interesting. This means that you have to talk and listen at the right time. If you find that you are colliding with our partner when talking, chances are that you are talking a lot.


If on the other hand you find that there is a lot of silence in your conversation, chances are that you are not talking enough. To be on the safe side, balance the two.




These are the tips that you need to put into consideration for you to have a successful date. While it's good to always look forward for the best, always prepare yourself for the worst. This calls for you to have an exit plan in the event things don't go the way you had planned.


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