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Passion 4 Purpose Publications is celebrating the release of their latest book; “Liberated Love” by Shicreta Murray. Passion 4 Purpose has been publishing for over 10 years, and their 4th book, “Liberated Love” is a controversial book that directly addresses the issues of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and mistreatment of women that goes on behind closed doors of both the public forum of the Christian church and in private Christian homes. “Liberated Love” is a behind-the-scenes tell-all book about Shicreta Murray’s personal experiences as a Christian woman growing up within the Christian church. She shares how the Bible is one of the most manipulated books on the planet, and how many men use it to abuse women. She gives the world an open look at beliefs taught within the Christian church that can cause such damage to women, and bring a huge gap between male and female relationships. With her detailed exposé, and riveting and moving words, she communicates effectively to everyone, both Christian and non-Christian.


Shicreta shares historical details about women from the Bible and History books. Shicreta uses what happened to Ariana Grande by the hand of Bishop Ellis at Aretha Franklin’s funeral as a prime example, amongst many others, that detail how many women are sexually assaulted and abused by many male leaders within the Christian church. Still many women sit back afraid to speak up, as if speaking up against their leaders or husband’s abusive actions is disobeying God’s word.  A collection of Shicreta’s personal experiences with domestic abuse and watching how many male Christian leaders mistreat and demean women publicly led her to say, “I feel like when I divorced my husband, I divorced my Christian pastor too.”


Shicreta has discovered the roots behind why the Christian Church is allowing tyrannical abusive behaviors from many men to run rampant. Her Biblical exposé will shake the very foundation of the Christian Church. It’s time for the Christian church to address the teachings that are causing and excusing abusive behavior from so many men.

In addition to being the President of Passion 4 Purpose Publications, an advocate for the family unit, women’s rights, and a strong voice against domestic violence, Shicreta is also known as “Sweet Crete,” the host of a weekly Facebook show entitled “Liberated Love.” Shicreta’s show is expanding to TV and has become a part of the Now Network. Her first show will be aired on May 31, 2019 at 10:30 am Central/11:30 am EST. In an effort to decrease domestic abuse, rebuild the broken relationships between God and humanity and men and women, and rebuild the family unit, she uses her airtime on her show to teach her audience truths from the Bible that she also shared in her book “Liberated Love.” She also has a Blog Talk Radio Show in the works also entitled “Liberated Love with Sweet Crete.” Find more details at www.shicreta.com and www.passion-4-purpose.com.


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