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Different types of bearing available

Different types of bearing available


What is bearing?


Bearing is a device that enables movement by reducing friction and stress. It enables smooth rotational and linear movement which also leads to efficiency and speed. Bearings are basically part of a machine that allows relative motion by reducing the friction between the moving parts. The design of the bearing is an important factor for maximum efficiency, durability, accuracy, reliabililty, performance and cost of the machinery.

Commonly used bearing is the plain bearing which uses surfaces  like the bearing surface through which a shaft  passes which uses lubricant such a oil. Plain bearings with suitable lubricant results in accuracy and friction.

Different types of bearing:


Classification of bearings is based on the type of the operations they perform – the load type and weight handling ability. They are various types of bearings with different shapes, material and principle of operation.


Ball Bearing : The most common type of SKF bearings  are the nsk ball bearing .It uses balls to maintain the distance between the surfaces and can handle small amount of height .The efficiency of the bearing becomes on being overloaded. They are found in many things like Skateboards and fidget spinner toys.

Ball Thrust bearing: This type of nsk bearings is designed to handle weight in low weight applications. Bar stools used in pubs and bar are an example.

Roller bearing: This type of fag bearings is for carrying heavy loads .Here the main roller is a cylinder which results in the weight being distributed and enabling it to handle weight. Apart from cylinder spherical rollers are also used as primary roller.

Tapered Roller bearing:  This type bearing has load versatility. It is designed to handle both thrust and radial loads. They are usually used in car hubs as the wheels carry huge amount of radial and thrust loads.

Flexure Bearing: This kind of bearing serves the same purpose as plain bearing or hinges for angular motion. They are simple, lightweight and have very low friction. The best part about these bearings is that they do not require special equipment for repairing. Example of flexed bearing is hinged door.

Roller Thrust Bearings: This bearing is similar to ball thrust bearing difference being the amount of weight roller thrust bearing can handle. They support high amount of thrust load found in car transmissions. The common use of roller thrust is gear support in cars.

Magnetic bearing:  This bearing supports weight with the help of magnets. The faces of the bearing are separated by magnets which results in the support of the moving parts without physical contact. It is found in high speed devices. It is maintenance free and no mechanical tear. They are used in motors, generators, compressors and turbines.


Fluid bearing: it is a non contact bearing similar to magnetic bearing wherein instead of magnets fluid or gas is used for the load. There is no sliding friction as the moving parts do not come in contact with each other. They are used for high loads or high speeds.

Apart from this, there are other types of bearings from http://www.northbearings.com/ for specific purposes such as Mounted bearings, rotary bearings, giant roller bearings, telescopic bearings etc.

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