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One Dodgy Click Is Enough: Firms “Leave Doors Open” To Cyber Attacks

Whoever said the internet was safe, can anybody claim that there is a surefire way to prevent threats and malicious attacks to your system; whether it is located in your basement or in the pent house of the tallest building in the world, truth is, there is no safety anywhere as far as one is exposed to receiving and accepting data online.


Data breach is a common a thing nowadays and hackers are specifically targeting business owners mainly for monetary gain. Local cyber security expert James Croxford who is one of the IT Managers of a local firm Evaporate believe that “far too many local business owners have no idea just how big, fast and aggressive cybercrime is,” he said.


“It really does take just one click on a dodgy link to leave an entire business’s IT setup open to hackers. Increasingly, the hackers prefer to do no immediate damage. And instead wait for an opportunity to cause maximum damage, or steal thousands,” James added.


Various business entities are prone to hacking. From spyware, to malware, keylogger threats, email hacking, and a host of other security threats that can harm not only their system’s hardware, but can expose business owners to financial losses through credit and debit card hacking, and other security challenges like identity thefts, etc. Indeed, finding a solid and dependable solution that can match the rapid spread of new threats can never be overemphasized.


Evaporate continue to create solutions that will help local business owners combat cyber attack. Their approach is to Predict – Plan – Protect which as James puts it: “A systemised way for a cyber security expert to assess a business’s vulnerability, and dramatically minimise the chance of an attack succeeding.” They provide a range of solutions that are fully managed, flexible, scalable, reliable and most importantly secure. They range from innovative IT security solutions and managed IT services to hosted voice solutions.


By keeping things simple and designing out complexity, clients are able to understand the importance of a robust IT platform and how it can help their business grow in more ways than one.




Evaporate is a rapidly growing technology company focusing on all things cloud and security for small and medium businesses. Their mission is to empower the world’s businesses with the best in technology. They do this by cutting through the confusion associated with technology, while helping businesses harness the benefits of their technology securely, to help improve productivity and business growth.



James Croxford


Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

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