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How to Better Your Manufacturing With Robotic Equipment


In these days of economic pressure, only the companies that have robotic equipment are in a better position to answer to the consumer's changing demands. Such equipment is now within the reach of businesses because their prices have been slashed down due to the advantages of mass production. They are now at the center of manufacturing operations. They help by not only reducing operation costs, perfecting quality and increasing productivity but also provide safety to employees.

Robotic Palletising

Palletizing in industries has come to a long manner from the times whilst manual stacking became the best choice. It turned into during the 1990s that robotic palletizes came into their own and began replacing traditional layer palletizers. They're broadly used in cease of line packaging techniques. Producers inquisitive about clean and lean methods have to significantly don't forget employing robot cells for all palletizing programs. They offer flexibility, reliability and increased productivity. The robot cells are able to handle even an unmarried case accumulation at a time, thereby eliminating the requirement of additional conveyors. The ones equipped with an imaginative and prescient system are capable of select cases which might be randomly lying around and inventory them in line with a preplanned program of the pattern. They may be in a better position to address packaging flaws arising out of irregularly fashioned instances and bulging cases.


For packaging lines, most manufacturers look for equipment that offers flexibility, Robotic Palletizing ensures greater productivity, fewer personnel on the job, less capital equipment and less occupied floor space. Some manufacturers may require mixed sizes of cases to be palletized which the robotic cells are greatly capable of handling. These cells can handle varying package weights and sizes more efficiently. They are also capable of handling multiple product types and custom mixed pallet loads.

If a company decides to discontinue a certain product and introduce another, these palletisers can be reprogrammed for the new applications.


Robot palletizing scores majorly over traditional palletizing because it provides a higher answer for palletizing applications, be it in single or more than one packaging applications. It gives a very quick return on funding because of the convenience of operation and coffee renovation expenses. Robot palletizers usually remaining for a much longer time period than conventional manual automatic structures at some point of which they are able to tackle all varieties of packaging challenges that conventional structures cannot desire to perform. Automation and use of robotic gadget is the key to accelerated productiveness inside the future which no enterprise can find the money for to disregard anymore.


Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in 1944 in Japan, devotes to developmentand manufacturing of palletizing robots. Today, over 13,000 robots has been sold all over the world. Our company has taken 63% market share in robotic palletizing industry of Japan,and more than 20% market share in the world robotic palletizing industry. Therefore,Fuji Yusoki is the No.1 manufacturer of robotic palletizers worldwide.


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