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What are the Basic Asphalt Paving Steps

There are a lot of processes that make up installing an asphalt pavement. You should know this process so that you can understand how long it takes. These are the important asphalt paving steps. You should look into Fort Wayne Asphalt because they are very accomodating. 

Important Asphalt Paving Steps:


  • Designing and Planning: Before the contractors start excavating and digging to prepare the base, a lot of planning and design goes into the process so that they can iron out any creases in the design.
  • Earthwork and excavation: Once the plans and design are sorted out, then you can start on having the road excavated and the base started on. This process takes a while because this is the preparation for the base.
  • Asphalt Paving: When the base has been established and is stable, then the contractors can start on paving the asphalt. It’s important to request that a seal coat is applied on the pavement to avoid oxidation and to cover cracks.



If you’re interested in installing an asphalt pavement, then you should learn about the process that goes into it. You can always hire a professional contractor so that the process doesn’t take as much time.

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