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If you have just established your business or your old commercial printer has started malfunctioning, you are likely to be in the need of an office copier. It is common for business owners to get confused between deciding to buy a brand-new commercial printer or rent one. There is no right answer to this type of question because it depends on your budget and type of business.
Generally, a commercial printer lease is considered to be much more cost-effective than buying a brand-new office copier. In this article, you will learn about the average lease rates of office copiers and some pros and cons of leasing that will help you in making up your mind whether you should lease a commercial printer.
Cost of a Commercial Printer Lease
The price of a commercial printer lease is highly dependent on the vendor that you have chosen to get the commercial copier. Moreover, it is also affected by the type and model of the different commercial printers available in the market. However, considering only the price of a lease is a wrong strategy because you also have to take into account the repair, upgrades, and maintenance terms and conditions of a lease agreement.
Generally, the price of a commercial printer lease is as follows:
Small and personal copiers can cost about $50 to $100 per month.
Copiers needed by small and medium-sized businesses can be leased under the price range of $200 - $400 per month. Such copiers are able to fulfill the printing needs of small and medium enterprises.
The lease of the industrial copiers meant for large organizations and enterprises is under the price range of $800 to $1,000 per month.
One of the major benefits of leasing commercial copiers is that you will get to enjoy tax incentives through such a procedure. The payments made during a lease are considered to be a pre-tax business expenditure. As a result, whenever you make a lease payment, you are able to deduct the full payment. On the other hand, when you buy a commercial copier, you will have to taxes and can only deduct the depreciation value.
Advantages of Leasing a Commercial Copier
The following are the most significant benefits of a commercial printer lease:
Renting or leasing a commercial copier provides you the ability of flexible upgrading policy. Depending on your initial agreement with the printer leasing company, you should be able to get regular upgrades that allow your business to enjoy the functionalities of modern commercial copiers.
Leasing a commercial copier has minimum upfront charges involved. You do not have to spend any massive amount of investment. As a result, you can keep most of your capital with yourself to spend in other departments of your business.
Repairing and maintenance of the copiers will be the responsibility of the printer leasing company. If you feel like the machine is not able to fulfill your business needs, you can ask for a replacement.
A lot of the printer leasing companies allow you to buy out the commercial copier at an affordable rate, once your lease term has expired.
Multifunctional printers are quite expensive in the market but you can get them at an affordable lease rate. They allow you to enjoy the features of any other scanner, printer, copier, and fax machine in a single machine.
The printer leasing company will be just a call away whenever you need them for repairing or maintenance purposes.
Commercial copier leasing provides additional tax benefit that helps you in saving money.
Disadvantages of Leasing a Commercial Copier

A commercial copier lease has some disadvantages as well. These are:
The cost of leasing the commercial copier will eventually be more expensive in the long run than buying your own copier at once.
Most of the printing leasing companies require at least 3 years of the lease agreement which means you will be locked in a commercial copier lease for a long time.
You have to thoroughly analyze and understand the leasing terms and conditions before signing anything. It is beneficial to have a legal representative by your side when you are negotiating the terms of your lease agreement
The benefits of leasing an officer copier ultimately outweigh its disadvantages. The purpose of this entire discussion is to let you the pros and cons of a commercial copier lease so that you can make the best decision depending on the type and scale of your business and what kind of copier you need.


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