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Jual Blog Zombie Murah Terbaru

Hello bloggers cheery zombie enthusiast blog following Securing Tips Blog Zombie Account. Maybe we have a lot to know that indeed frightening zombie blog on google SERP. But must be careful to use it. Do not just grimy and optimization of origin. Later in trouble. Because zombies blog actually have got a red mark by google. So when someday violate the TOS back it will be very fast in suspended without mercy. Tips on Caring for and Securing Accounts Zombie Blog.

Blog Zombie vulnerable to repeated suspension google. When asked if blogs can zombies re possibility banned by google. Maybe you can, maybe you do not have to know that the benefits of Zombie's Blog SEO Contest is great therefore need to be treated. Depending we manage free zombie blog that is good and right that do not violate the rules of the owner of the blogger. For that we need to know how secure our zombie blog account that is not affected by the abolition of google.

A few days ago I bought a Jual Blog Zombie Murah from one seller blog zombie, cheap indeed but I did not notice that the blog that requires a new master and do not play chase the target. So that by itself the zombie blog fled back alias in suspension or in freeze again by google.co.id.
Zombie Blog Tips To Safely on the Elimination Birthday Google

The first thing when you get a zombie blog account is to get an account. If you buy from someone else then make sure that the Blog Zombie you buy are still active. Ever cheated buying experience zombies blog but it turns out after the zombie well researched blog is no longer active or even move the hands.

If you already have an account of the zombie blog do pengecekkan birthday by going to the dashboard or login to blogger if the zombie is a blogspot blog.
Do not do a post on the first day when the zombie blog has changed hands or switching hosts. Usually characterized by an IP address that is different from the usual.
Perform login at least 3 times a day even if just saw traffic going though minimal because usually empty zombies blog articles.
To familiarize blog zombie with his new home, do just log out and log back in for at least 3 days. After 3 days later it did the first post. so on a daily basis if you have an article that much, try Publishnya gradually. For the article past the zombies can you trace the past track record of zombies blog in the previous article.
    Do not change the themes of our zombie blog. Let the normal course what it is first.
    Well, after approximately 7 days a week new alias do onpage optimization or whatever term it mempoles template to make it more seo friendly.
    Especially for blogs zombies from webs.com more carefully. Do not directly perform at the beginning of the blog posts changed hands.

Well if the above steps as you can do your zombie blog guaranteed to be safe from attack malignant algorithm with zombies scattered in cyberspace. Hopefully Tips Blog Zombie Securing Accounts,

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