How to Use Sex Toys in Your Relationship

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Aug 23, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Endo List (endo2234)


  1. Give them information in the way they best receive it

Similar to loving your beau by using their love language, teach them how to use sex toys in your relationship using their learning style! Are they someone who needs facts & figures? Do your research. Get real about your experience with pleasure & desire. Get yourself the Love Toy and let them watch you use it.

  1. Start small and non-phallic

No one wants to be outdone or replaced, including your beau. While you know that a piece of engineering can’t replace their love and cuddles, do yourself a favor & choose a toy that won’t trigger this anxiety. 

  1. Try a toy that you both can enjoy

Maybe this means that you choose a toy together. Maybe you go with something that vibrates against both of you. Maybe you find something your beau loves using on you. How to use sex toys in your relationship is totally up to you, but you want it to be fun for both of you!

  1. Do a little bartering

You have desires like trying a sex toy and so do they! Talk it out and agree to try something they want that you’re also comfortable with. Who knows what you’ll both discover?

  1. Use something that integrates seamlessly into your current sexy times

That means quiet and easily fit between your bodies in all your favorite positions. Once again, Fin proves perfect. It’s pretty quiet, and can go anywhere your beau’s hands can.

  1. Play with it

It’s called a sex toy for a reason! Practice edging, where your beau doesn’t let you climax until they say so. See how many orgsams you can experience in a row. Bring it with you to the next engagement party/wedding/birthday party and see where you can get away with using it. Have fun with it.

  1. Remember that your partner loves you

Your pleasure matters to them. They want to see you satisfied and this is one way to do that. Sometimes it really can be as simple as that!

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