Can a facial massager improve lines?

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Facial Skincare (facialskincare)

What does the facial massager do?


The facial massager is a beauty device that improves the flow of blood and lymph and stimulates the facial muscles by lightly rolling the massager, which is expected to have a beautiful effect on the skin.


Although you cannot expect immediate results from using a facial massager, continuous use can be expected to prevent or improve signs of aging.

However, there is no clear evidence.


Be careful not to roll the facial massager too hard rubbing it to get quick results, as it may put your skin under strain and risk causing blemishes and blackheads in your pores. Please check MIO2 Face Lifting Facial Massager for more details!


How to use the facial massager

The basic way to use a facial massager is from the bottom to the top, and from inside to outside.


If you want to care for your entire face, start by rolling it from your mouth toward your ears, then gradually shift it upward to your cheeks.


Once you have rolled it from your eyes to your ears, roll it from between your eyebrows to your hairline.


When using it around the eyes and other areas where the skin is thin, be especially careful not to apply too much pressure.


Because it is so easy to use, it is important to use it correctly.


As for the price, it varies. Some are inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as 100 yen.


Those with higher beauty effects, such as those containing germanium, are often sold in the price range of around 15,000 to 30,000 yen.


Basically, facial equipment tends to vary in price, with most facial equipment priced below 20,000 yen being simple, single function facial equipment, and more advanced facial equipment available as the price increases.


The higher the price, the more authentic the facial massager.


Can facial massagers help prevent lines?

The cause of lines is the weakening of facial muscles, and rolling your face with a facial massager has the effect of stimulating facial muscles.


In addition, by improving the flow of blood and lymph in the face, it can be expected that cells will be activated, turnover will be promoted, and waste products will be discharged smoothly.


These effects can be expected to prevent sagging, prevent lines, and make lines less noticeable than they already are.


However, it is not recommended to expect significant improvement in deep lines. If you are looking for more facial skincare tools, please visit:

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