Metro Carpet & Upholstery Offers A Special Discount On Its Flood Emergency Service

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Nov 11, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Ilija Stevanovic (oringoollc)

Metro Carpet & Upholstery presents a special discount for its flood emergency service

McClean, VA (November 2021) - Metro Carpet & Upholstery is a respectable cleaning company whose main task is to provide timely and cost-efficient cleaning service making the client’s possessions clean and disinfected. These days, some great news has come from this firm. Namely, Metro Carpet & Upholstery offers a special discount on its flood emergency service. More about that, all interested can find out on the company’s official website.

Carpet cleaning services in McLean, VA are the most frequently demanded services done by Metro Carpet & Upholstery. As soon as they opt for this company, clients may relax and be 100% sure that their carpets will again be completely clean. Using special techniques and modern cleaning equipment, carpets are cleaned in a record time by Metro Carpet & Upholstery’s staff. What is more, professional carpet cleaning by this company helps any carpet not to deteriorate despite the problems with dust, debris, allergens, and dirt.

Upholstery cleaning in McLean, VA is provided by Metro Carpet & Upholstery. A team of experienced technicians from this firm uses the newest tools and organic products to take care of the client’s upholstery. Metro Carpet & Upholstery cleaning professionals utilize spray ON vacuum OFF procedure.

Metro Carpet & Upholstery performs couch cleaning services. Since a lot of time is spent on the couch, this service can bring back the best characteristics to every couch, despite its age. Couch cleaning done by Metro Carpet & Upholstery includes every single corner of the couch that is thoroughly cleaned in the shortest time.

Furniture cleaning service in McLean, VA is provided by Metro Carpet & Upholstery. This activity is necessary to completely clean and disinfect the client’s furniture which over time accumulated a lot of dust, dirt, hairs, and other unwanted elements. Furniture cleaning done by Metro Carpet & Upholstery in McLean, VA is timely and efficient, and furniture becomes fully sanitized with eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning materials and solutions.

Metro Carpet & Upholstery is a reliable organic cleaning firm and eVA member that offers its services 24/7. Its well-coordinated team of cleaning technicians uses pet-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions to perform every assigned cleaning on time. Metro Carpet & Upholstery always tries to understand clients and their needs to make the place much cleaner and healthy. Its timely service, polite staff, and modern equipment are three main things that make Metro Carpet & Upholstery recognizable among the clients.

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Company: Metro Carpet & Upholstery

Address: 1936 Kennedy Dr Apt T4, McLean, VA

Phone: (202) 600-6060



Contact Person: Milos Antic


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