016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop Upgraded Its Dinner Menu

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Apr 17, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Ilija Stevanovic (oringoollc)

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop changed its Dinner Menu

Chicago, IL (April 2022) - 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is a perfect place to enjoy Balkan food if you have already tasted it, or to have the first try if you haven’t. This Serbian restaurant in Chicago serves as a melting pot of various dishes and people from different nationalities who want to have top-class gastronomic moments. 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop guarantees that all ingredients are carefully chosen and that their quality can only add to the dish’s super quality. These days, 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop introduced some changes regarding its ‘Dinner Menu’ More about that can be found on the restaurant’s official website.

Balkan food is specific because it has developed over centuries accepting and combining characteristics of European, Turkish, Roman, and many other national cuisines. What makes Balkan food different is the variety of sour and sweet dishes, stews, pastries, and grilled dishes. Organic ingredients combined following traditional recipes result in delicious dishes. Wines and Serbian brandies are of top-quality, as well.

Cevapi in Chicago can be ordered and tasted in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop. These grilled beef sausages have a special taste because of the traditional way of preparation brought from Leskovac. It’s not easy to visit Serbia and not to try ‘cevapi’, because this meat dish represents one crucial part of Balkan food offer. The chance to try ‘cevapi’ far from Serbia and the Balkans in Chicago is a special experience that shouldn’t be wasted.

Stuffed cabbage rolls in Chicago are prepared and served in 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop. What makes this dish a 5-star gastronomic pleasure is the perfect filling made of ground beef, garlic, onions, and cooked rice. The preparation includes wrapping up the filling inside cabbage leaves. Then, small cabbage rolls are formed and layered in a special baking dish. Stuffed cabbage rolls in Chicago are even better if some seasonings are added. All that creates a special mouth-watering experience created by 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop.

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop offers pork stew in Chicago. Onions, bell peppers and tomatoes are with the carefully picked pork meat basic ingredients of this specialty that comes from Serbian cuisine. The way of preparation combined with the traditional recipe makes the pork stew truly different from other dishes. What is more, it is cooked at slow heat to melt together the vegetables. If needed, chili seasoning can be added to spice up the pork stew.

016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is a place in Chicago where some of the most delicious traditional Serbian food can be tasted. The restaurant was named after the code for the city of Leskovac located in Southern Serbian that is famous for one of the largest grilled meat festivals in the world. 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop is there to create a memorable experience through carefully prepared food and drinks. Knowing that gastronomy is a study of the relationship between culture and food, 016 Restaurant is a unique spot that welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy the food and have an A1 class food experience.

For more information, please visit site: https://016restaurant.com/


Contact info:

Company: 016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop

Address: 5077 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60625

Phone: +1 (773) 271 7006

Email: 016restaurantgrill@gmail.com

Website: https://016restaurant.com/

Contact Person: Bojan Milicevic

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