Tattoo artist opens up about social prejudices

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Nov 7, 2022  ( 1 post )  
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To be able to pursue this career, you must first overcome social prejudices, secondly be patient and thirdly most important is still passion.


When it comes to tattooing

many young people see it as an tattoo clothing art to express their personality. But there are also many people who are afraid of fear for many different reasons. The tattoo profession is the same, not everyone can easily pursue and choose it as a profession to live. In contact with tattooists in three regions of the country, I have heard them tell interesting stories around the work they are doing.

Coming to the profession of tattooing is like a very coincidental charm


While struggling to find a new job, she met an uncle who knew how to tattoo. She felt that there was something very good about this profession, so she talked to her uncle and was given the best conditions by him to try.


the male contestant of the program The Hidden Ones, who is also a famous tattoo artist - said that tattooing came to him very accidentally: "At that time, I was wandering around, didn't know about it. where. One day, I went to my friend's shop to get a haircut and he said he taught tattooing.


"Having extra money in my pocket, I decided to pay the tuition fee because it sounded strange and related to my hobby of drawing. After studying for 2 or 3 meals, I took a break and have been tattooing ever since. " 


who is opening a tattoo and piercing shop with her husband has loved this subject since her school years. She said that because she was influenced by foreign films, after graduating, Trinh did her own research and bought tools to try.


Overcoming prejudice to pursue a career


When asked about the prejudice of Vietnamese people in tattooing, that each person will have a different thought and concept about this profession! She said tattoos are not bad, tattoos are only bad when they are abused too much, such as: used to intimidate others in bad situations or tattoo on private parts but are too ostentatious when dressed.


In the past

people with tattoos were considered as brothers and sisters, rioters, gangsters, but nowadays, society is developing more and more, so tattoos are not just people. handwriting, dragons, snakes."

"Tattoos have a lot of new genres through which tattoo inspired clothing we want to engrave on our skin to save beautiful memories, images, good luck or simply beautify as a jewelry. that we want to carry with us for the rest of our lives," 


in the past, he did not care much about people's prejudices. "If you're still shy about your tattoo, don't make others feel comfortable" - that's a saying that Long often advises customers to hide their tattoos in front of adults.



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