How to Looping YouTube videos on a Computer or a Phone

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One of the most widely used platforms for sharing and posting videos is YouTube. The most recent music videos, stand-up comedy, news, and other entertaining videos are available.


When a certain creator uploads a new video to YouTube, you can subscribe to their channel to be notified. YouTube makes video suggestions based on your interests. Additionally, you can download a video to view it offline at a later time without an internet connection.


However, one issue that arises while streaming YouTube is that you may need to view a movie again or on loop, and manually restarting a video can be really annoying.


You've come to the correct place if you're looking for advice on how to make a YouTube video loop. In order to address all of your questions about how to looping YouTube videos on a desktop or mobile device, we have done some research and created this useful guide.


How Do I Repeat A YouTube Video?


Put a YouTube video on repeat on your desktop as a first step.

Follow these easy steps to loop a YouTube video if you're streaming it on a desktop:

1. Launch YouTube and choose the video you want to loop.

2. After that, right-click the video and choose "Loop" from the menu that appears. Your video will begin playing repeatedly as a result.

3. To stop this loop, right-click the movie again and choose "Loop" from the menu that appears.


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Put a YouTube video on repeat on a mobile device (method 2)


On a mobile device, there is no direct way to loop a YouTube video. Making a playlist, however, will allow you to play a YouTube video repeatedly on a mobile device.


1. Open YouTube and choose the video you want to play repeatedly. 2. By creating a playlist. The "Save" button is located underneath the video. Long press it.

2. Select "NEW PLAYLIST" on the following screen, then give the playlist whatever name you like. Then click CREATE after selecting Private under Privacy.

3. Find your playlist in the library by going there.

4. After starting the video, click the "Repeat" button to repeat it. Your YouTube video will play repeatedly on a mobile device.


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B) Using the ListenOnRepeat feature


Using the "ListenOnRepeat" website is another incredible way to loop a video on YouTube. This helpful website allows you to repeat any YouTube video, as the name would imply. You just need to paste the video link into the search field. To play a YouTube video on loop, you must adhere to the instructions below:


1. Launch YouTube and choose the movie you want to repeat.

2. Click the "Share" button located beneath the video.

3. From the list of choices, select "Copy link."

4. Launch ListenOnRepeat and enter the URL of the video in the search field.

5. Choose your video from the list of available videos. Your YouTube video will automatically play on repeat and you can even use the slider to replay a specific part of your video.


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Using Kapwing Loop Video as a C)


You can use the Internet to play YouTube videos repeatedly while employing the aforementioned techniques. However, what if you want to download your video so you can watch it offline? At this point, Kapwing Loop Video enters the picture. Your looped YouTube videos can be downloaded using this incredible website.

1. Look through YouTube and choose the video you want to replay.

2. Click the "Share" button next to the video.

3. Click "Copy Link" now.

4. Launch Kapwing Loop Video and enter the URL of the video there.

5. From the Loop this clip choices, choose how many loops you want. According to the loops, the video's overall length will be shown. Click the "Create" button now.

6. After your video has been exported, you can download it.


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Use a third-party app as method three.


As an alternative, you might even favor a third-party program that loops YouTube videos. You may play a YouTube video repeatedly using the wonderful app "Repeat YouTube Movie" from the PlayStore, and you can even pick a specific segment of the video to repeat.


This article should assist you eliminate any questions you may have about setting a YouTube video to repeat. Any of the aforementioned techniques can be used to loop a YouTube video. Please share your insightful remarks in the box below.

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