Grant Proposal for Getting a Grant for Specific Studying

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Dec 10, 2022  ( 1 post )  
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Grant Proposal for Getting a Grant for Specific Studying


Before you may read the proposal you see here I wanna share with you link to the site where I work and where I publish most of my writings. The only thing you should do is click here. I think that students will be interested in read my blog and perhaps my work can help those who are pretending on getting scholarhip or grant programmes.


I believe that thinking of one’s future without specific career goals is like sailing in the sea without a compass. It means one has too many directions to follow and will eventually get lost or arrive at a wrong place. After I started a new stage of my life upon arriving here, I have elaborated a clear vision of where I see myself in the future. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else but on a PR strategist position in a well-respected firm, which will eventually enable me to start a PR (the importance of PR in modern management and organizations you can read at prlab) agency. Although my life immediately upon the arrival to the United States was not easy, it helped me pave the way toward the understanding of the desired career. I arrived here in 2007 with no knowledge of English and few opportunities for education and employment.


Nevertheless, I decided not to give up and aimed at studying at the college. I chose Branding & Integrated Communication with a function of public relation because I felt that marketing was an area with a high demand for professionals. To pay for education, I worked many low-pay jobs, such as delis, coffee shops, gas stations, and pizza deliveries. It was there that I learned three things. First, I wanted to take advantage of my future diploma and use the knowledge to find a well-paid job in a well-respected firm. Secondly, I needed to make enough money in order to start a PR agency and work for myself. Thirdly, as a man originating from Morocco and working low-pay jobs in the U.S., I felt pressure and concealed hostility from people. It made me think that people know little of ethnic minorities and have no incentive to learn more of them.


Therefore, I believe that the greater number of ethnic minorities in advertising, marketing, and public relations will allow for a bigger focus on ethnic issues and a greater public presence of ethnic minorities’ representatives. I think that when I start to work as a PR strategist, I will be able to use my experience and guide the company I will work in toward including more people with diverse ethnic backgrounds into its marketing, advertising, and PR strategies.

I am proud to declare that my educational efforts have been noticed and rewarded. In May 2015, I received a notice that I had been placed on the Berkeley College’s Deans’ List for my abilities and performance. This award was particularly important to me because it demonstrated that I had successfully overcome the challenges with learning English from scratch, working hard to finance the college, and still performing well enough to have my academic achievements rewarded. Besides, I managed to have a 3.5 GPA. Although it may not seem excellent since it is not the highest grade possible, it is highly valuable to me given my life story and educational progress. I value this result because it serves as a testimony of my ability to achieve what I plan and develop despite complications.


I believe that student life should also involve different activities because classes alone do not allow for a multidimensional development. For this reason, I have actively participated in college activities during my undergraduate years, and I am enrolled in community activities now. Specifically, I was involved as a graphic designer in the Asian Culture Club and functioned as Graphic Designer & Public Relations in Global Business Leadership Club. These roles helped me to improve my branding and communication skills as well as build new connections. Besides, I am currently involved in the Citizen Campaign for Environment, which allows me to participate in activities that help to implement my environmentalism ideas with like-minded people.

I have already learned that success is attainable only if efforts are taken. My struggles with financing education upon arrival have taught me to never give up, and I am pleased that my efforts have been rewarded. My focus on a PR strategist career will be beneficial to me because it will allow me to raise capital to start a PR agency, as well as to others because I plan to aim at increasing the number of ethnic minorities’ members in marketing, advertising, and public relations.

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