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Anneka Irwin (annekairwin0609)

Founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization with a specific mission. The organization advocates consumer protection and legalization of kratom. It is dedicated to educating consumers and lawmakers about kratom, and it works with vendors and government agencies in several states. It has played a vital role in passing consumer protection laws in Utah and Georgia. is comprised of scientists, responsible consumers, and government members. The goal of the organization is to protect the rights of consumers, and prevent unfair legislation. aims to promote scientific research, provide accurate information to consumers, and counter misleading negative narratives about kratom. It has developed manufacturing guidelines that are based on intensive research. has a strong public relations team, an expert lobbying team, and a competent legal firm. The organization works regularly with government bodies and academia. It also engages with media on a regular basis. The organization believes that many political entities do not prioritize the needs of constituents. It believes that many people are uninformed about kratom and that consumers are not represented in governmental decision making. It is the only organization that is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information about kratom to consumers. is working to make sure that Kratom remains legal for export in Indonesia. It also wants to set clear safety standards for manufacturers of kratom. The organization has a good manufacturing process (GMP) credentialing process, which requires manufacturers to meet certain guidelines. GMP-qualified vendors are required to undergo an official audit. This is done to ensure that the chemical content of the kratom is high. believes that the GMP program will improve the quality of kratom. is a consumer-focused organization that seeks to protect consumers from governmental threats and corporate manipulation. It focuses on five core goals: educate consumers, lobby against unfair legislation, amplify the voice of consumers, educate lawmakers, and restore consumer access to kratom. In order to achieve these goals, the organization relies on donations. It accepts donations through PayPal and wire transfer.

The organization has a primary site and a secondary site. The primary site contains educational materials about kratom and offers links to scientific research and studies that address pharmacology, psychology, and kratom's biological impact. It also has infographics that showcase important facts. has established procedures that require vendors to adhere to certain requirements, including hygiene, and quality.'s Good Manufacturing Practices program tests kratom to make sure it is manufactured properly.'s public relations firm and legal firm work to educate government bodies and consumers about kratom.'s research team conducts scientific research to provide a more comprehensive understanding of kratom. It also supports consumer freedom of choice. It is a non-profit organization that depends on donations. works to change the conversation about kratom in both the United States and around the world. It works to provide accurate information about kratom and its benefits, and to demonstrate that it is safe and effective.

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