Reasons for Genetic Testing

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Estella List (estela35)


Genetic testing looks for alterations in your DNA, often known as mutations or variations. The medical care you or a member of your family receives may alter as a result of genetic testing, which has various applications in medicine.


For instance, genetic testing can diagnose a genetic disorder like fragile X or reveal your risk of contracting cancer. Genetic test india has a numerous variety. Results of genetic tests, which are performed using a blood or spit sample, are often available in a few weeks. Since our families all share the same DNA, if you are determined to have a genetic change, your relatives may also have the same change.


Before and after genetic testing, genetic counseling can assist ensure that you are the correct person in your family to receive a genetic test, that the genetic test you receive is the proper one for you, and that you comprehend the results.


  • To determine whether you have a hereditary disease before you experience symptoms.
  • To determine the likelihood that a forthcoming or present pregnancy would result in a genetic abnormality.
  • Identifying a genetic disorder if you or your child exhibits symptoms.
  • To comprehend and direct your cancer treatment or prevention strategy.
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