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The Soundtrack of My Life
The soundtrack of my life is motor sounds.  Motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, tractors, even his rock n bounce pony, all are accompanied by a steady litany of motor sounds.  After a few minutes of the lip vibrations, his shirt is soaked down by the spittle.  I marvel at how he picked up on this sound so quickly.  When flipping through a book, if he sees a 'cycle', he points excitedly.  "What does the cycle say?" I ask.  mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm he instantly responds, and picks up his cycle, and proceeds to run it up imaginary hills, or uses Momma for a hill.  Yesterday, he climbed on his pony, and proceeded to kick start it.  When it's not motor sounds, it is a steady stream of babble.  It is what I think aliens would sound like, as it sounds like a language, just not one I've ever heard before.  Though he talks like I should understand perfectly, asking questions, answering my questions.  Recently, he's started to say real things, but just once, never repeats it, which leaves me wondering, did I really hear that?  The other day, I said "say Hi Daddy", and he said "Hi Daddy"...with an alien accent of course. 

The Chicken Conundrum

Memphis generally eats pretty good, but he has not been a fan of chicken.  Which is too bad, as we eat it about half the time for dinner.  It's cheap and it's good for you.  So last night, I bbq some chicken, thinking he can't always have a meal he likes, he needs to learn to eat chicken.  While at the same time fully believing he wouldn't touch it.  We were also having some cheesy rice and broccoli.  I did my best to hide the broccoli (which he does not like) in the cheesy rice, and managed to sneak in a couple bites, feeding it to him myself.  Though he quickly caught on to that game, and started whining.  Aaron cut up a ton of tiny pieces of chicken and put them on his tray, and I thought why bother with so much, I bet you $50 bucks he spits out the 1st piece.  (His new thing is if he doesn't like something he just lets it fall out of his mouth, nice right?)  To my utter disbelief, he proceeded to pound the chicken, I mean pound it, Aaron's dinner got cold, as he cut up endless tiny pieces of chicken.  When it was all said and done, Memphis had probably eaten 3/4 of a chicken breast.  Yay for all that protein!  Though I don't expect to see this success every time.  Never touched the cheesy rice.  Go figure.

The Bathroom Conundrum
A lot or random issues come up as one adjusts to life with a baby.  One such issue is how do you use the bathroom while out shopping with a little one, or multiple little ones?  I was headed up to Costco the other day when I realized I didn't use the bathroom right before I left, and already had to go.  During the 20+ minute drive, I mulled over my dilemma.  I could put him in the cart, then go in, except that Costco's carts are so darn big, I'm not sure it would fit through the door.  So, I could set him down, hoping he would just stand there (Ha!), but knowing he would immediately get down and start crawling around the floor (ew!).  Neither of these options sounded very appealing, so what did I do?  Just held it.  Through the drive there, the shopping trip itself, and the drive back.  Oh and I somehow forgot my carefully made list, so had to go down every aisle so I wouldn't forget anything.  And along with the bathroom dilemma, comes the cart logistics.  I must park by some carts, so I can leave him in the car for 2 seconds, run to get a cart, and wipe it down with a wipe before putting him in it.  So many things to think through.  Or maybe I'm the only crazy one who worries about these things?

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May 21, 2009  ( 6 comments )  
May 22, 2009  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
You're a great writer!  You have a way of making it so interesting!  I agree with penpaint!
Rebecca Sargent (rebecca)
Ha Ha those are funny... I learned how to squat and pee with the baby in the bjorn.. not that ou could do that now... I'd strap that baby in his stroller and then put the stroller in the cart..... How moms do it with multiples I'll never understand
Jun 24, 2009  ( 3 comments )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Maybe he will be a horn player!  We called this stage of talking, Ewokeese, after the Ewoks in The Return of the Jedi!!  It is good that he is hearing  consonant sounds and vowels - just hasn't quite put them in the right order yet.
Richard Carr (richard)
I love your descriptions.  Aaron must be real proud of "he climbed on his pony, and proceeded to kick start it." combining two of his passions, dirt bikes and horses! 
You must get that on video!!!!!!
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Well, if Memphis is anything like you, soon he will be doing the talking for everyone who is born after him too!
It is funny how he knows to raise his voice at the end when asking a question(even though I can't understand it)!
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