Them Bones

Them Bones

Bones underground make me nervous
Bones in my closet could be trouble
All last night I was terrified
Of them laughing bones

And though me old bones may be tired
I’m knowing in me bones I’m always ready
Stone soup nice but a bone suffices
You gotta like them bones

Bones chalky white bleach in the dessert
Bones soggy rot under the ocean
In the boneyard night I take up pen and write
Writing down them bones

     ‘Cause when I love her we fall off the earth as one
     Now I know I’m not the only one who’s a walking funny bone

Bones oily wrapped up in the newsprint
Bones from a dig in Argentina
But she got bones I like so I sing in the mic
I don’t mind them bones

Bones black and white on my piano
She can play so high so I can play low
And we play all over like two boney lovers
Jam and play them bones

© 1997 Glenn Bourdot

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