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There is a potential problem with some PC's, usually laptops, and the USB key reader when you allow your PC to go into sleep or hibernate modes. When the PC is resumed from sleep or hibernate the USB key reader no longer works unless you disconnect then reconnect the USB cable.
Microsoft is aware of this and most of the time downloading Vista Service Pack 2 will cure the problem. This is not always the case.
Microsoft has provided us with an automatic fix. Download and run the file MicrosoftFixit50040.msi if this does not fix the problem on your PC you may have to do it manually.
This is not for the faint of heart and you may want to get your clubs "PC Guru" to do it for you.
1. Click Start. Click Run, type regedit, then press enter.
2. Locate the following registry subkey:
3. Right click HidUsb point to New, and then click DWord Value then type in the following value:
FastResumeDisable   Click outside the box to register the entry.
4. Double click FastResumeDisable, and type "1" and click OK.
5. Exit Registry Editor and restart your machine.
Your PC should now recognize the USB key reader when it comes out of sleep mode.

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