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Bible facts
Before Copernicus, most people believed the earth was flat.......  What people believed worked for them, to a point. even though it wasn't true.  But at some critical jucture it ceased to work anymore.  If a belief system seems to work for someone, if its false, eventually it will break down.
Hinduism  (teaches that the universe is simply an extension of this universal force called "Brahman")........So, God is the universe, and the universe is God.  No separte creator.  But the evidence points to the fact that the universe had an actual beginning in time, fifteen billion years ago.  The 2nd law of thermodynamics.  In a closed system, everything eventually winds down.  In an infinitely old universe, we wouldn't see new stars or galaxies forming.  It all would have wound down, with no productive energy remaining.  Other points wrong....."Brahman doesn't establish right and wrong, its amoral. So what is the basis of morality if the source of all things is nonmoral?  And teaches personality is an illusion.  You have to renounce it to enter into oneness with the universe.  So what you most value about yourself is illusory.  You will be reabsorbed into Brahman and lose your individuality.  If personality is an illusion...then why are people so individual?  How did an impersonal universal force bring forth such unique personalities?
Buddhism (teaches abstract void called Nirvana.  You enter Nirvana by traveling an Eightfold Path and stamping out all attachment or desire in yourself.  Once you've eliminated that,, all your suffering ends.  Goal to negate all desire.)  Fact, How much have humans accomplished without someone having passion?  How many sensory nerve cells do we have in our skin, capable of providing pleasure?  "Milions!"  Impossible to have impersonal universe has taken the form of personal beings with strong desires and the ability to feel great pleasures, and yet the goal of life is to negate all desire.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Bible has over forty authors spanning fifteen hundred years,  all with a consistent message.  That argues for, not against, a divine origin.
The crucifixion is historically documented, not only by Christians, but also by non-Christian historians of the time.  Throw it out and you have to throw out everything you know about anicient history.
Some say the Bible has been altered over time.
The Dead Sea Scrolls among other things, prove the reliability of the Hebrew Bible.  And over five thousand early manuscripts that validate the New Testament.
Muslims have a personal relationship with "Allah".  He is someone to worship and serve from afar, even in paradise. It doesn't meet the deepest need of humanity's heart.  Why would God create humanity with this deep need, then never meet it?  God designed people for him to meet that need.
What if God doesn't exist?  Then you have the problem of design.  No way could have happen by accident.  Roger Penrose developed the Black Hole theory.  Do yu know the odds he calculated of a cosmic accident producing this orderly universe rather than Chaos?  One ina hundred billion, to the one hundred twenty-third power.  Not very good odds.  And thats just the macrouniverse. He omits the design complexity of biological life.

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