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Visiting Doug Campbell's Shares (account name: partnersforchrist)
 The Task Remaining
October 29, 2006 Perspectives Class Notes from missionary to the Masai:
Why is this the Greatest Time Ever to reach the unreached?
There is more responsiveness and receptivity worldwide
We've never been in a position where missionaries are coming from everywhere.
We have more tools-transportation, computers, radio, MARC (mission advanced research and communication)
Interchristo- Great for matching up people with needs overseas
Computers have sped up the process of Bible translation by about 3/4 the time needed.
Know the Behavioral Sciences- What is real in their life? Missionaries who have been immersed in the culture don't fit in very well when they come home.  (ie. don't talk to me about saving Keiko the whale when my friends are going hungry in Africa.) See people as God sees them.
1.  Start with the goal and work backwards
Make disciples (be present with the people)
Incorporation- make them part of a church family (sports teams- half were Christian and half non-Christian; then they started over)
2.  Differences in the soil for growth, results and receptivity- be in the right place at the right time.
Right approach to people
Right communication system
Right focus of the message (receivers)
There are 30,000 missionaries for 100 million people in the Western nations
There are 10,000       "          for 130 mill. tribal peoples
There are 2,500         "          for 400 mill. Chinese
There are 1,900         "          for 500 mill. Hindus
There are 900           "           for 1.2 billion Muslims
At one point in our history, 98% of the missionaries were women!!   
Read "Guardians of the Great Commission" by Ruth Tucker

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Richard Carr (richard)
Great info!
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