2009 Christmas Letter
Faithfulness.  Faithfulness is the word that comes to mind as I reflect on 2009, both God's faithfulness to us, and how we are striving to be faithful and obedient to His direction in our lives.

Our big news this year is that baby #2 is on the way.  Due March 18, the baby and Memphis will be just under 2 years apart.  With a due date so close to when Memphis was due, the 2nd half of this year has felt very dejavu.  Especially as this pregnancy has seemed the same so far, just as easy.  We did not find out what it is, though I think a brother would be fun for Memphis.
2009 started with a new cousin for Memphis, the first on the Carr side.  Epes Winthrop Sargent X1X (yes, that's the 19th) was born on January 9 in Maui.  He has already been out with his mommy and daddy for 2 visits, and I've enjoyed this precious time with him, as well as my baby sister and new brother-in-law.

We enjoyed many camping trips in our little trailer this year, mostly in Nevada, where we ride our dirt bikes.  Memphis loves camping as he gets to play outside in the dirt all day.  He loves riding on my 'cycle' with his Daddy, and even has his own real helmet.  He takes it pretty seriously.  We also enjoyed two trips with just our little family, to Monterey and Half Moon Bay.  In August, we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, and actually got away overnight to Reno.

I am still working very part-time, a few hours a week, and go into the office for a day every other week.  Memphis has fun at the grandparents' houses while I'm gone. Aaron is still at R&M Electric.  During these tough times, we are beyond grateful for continued work for both of us.
We continue to spend most of our free time on church activities at Horizon.  I'm still teaching 4s & 5s sunday school with my mom.  After over 4 years, Aaron stepped back from the high school group some, though he still helps on Sunday mornings.  He has been meeting one-on-one with some guys during the week.  After finishing 3 years of "The Journey", a leadership/discipleship class, our group couldn't bear to split up, so we are continuing to meet weekly, call our group "The Pilgrimage", and pick our own books to study.  We look forward to this weekly discussion and accountability time, and it continues to impact our walk with God, and each other.  We were all particularly impacted by reading and discussing 'Crazy Love' by Francis Chan.

Memphis is 20 months old and a busy boy.  He loves to play with his cycles and cars, but is also a bookworm, and will sit through as many books as I'm willing to read.  He will also sit and read books to himself for a long time.  He was a late walker (not until 15 months), but now it's hard to remember what it was like when he didn't walk.  He's not saying too many words yet, though he jabbers constantly.  He does like to say hi, oh no, ball, hot, toes, no way, night night, oh my, bye bye, shoe, yeah; and does several of the animal sounds, moo is his favorite.  He sleeps great and lets his Momma get plenty of rest right now.  I'm enjoying it while I can, as I don't expect to get quite so lucky with the next one.  He likes to be a helper, and especially wants to be doing whatever his Daddy is.  He can be quite the ham when he has an audience.  This is a fun age during the holidays, and Memphis has had fun picking out pumpkins and helping with the Christmas tree.  This is my favorite time of year.

As we close out 2009, we are grateful for God's provision this year, particularly during troubling times.  The future is uncertain, but God has been so faithful to provide in the past, and we are striving to be open and obedient to his will and direction for our lives.

"Look to the Lord and His strength; seek his face always.  Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles, and the judgements He pronounced." Psalm 105:4-5
To see many pictures of Memphis from the past year, visit croper.keepandshare.com
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Aaron, Christina, Memphis & Baby Roper

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