Over the years I have seen a phenomenon which I call the Eternal
Torment Syndrome.

Many people who have been taught and accepted the idea of
eternal torment in hell for all who are not "saved" are victims of
Modern Christian teaching. Imagine a mother who believes her
children will be writing in torment a million years from now. Since
she cannot bear the thought she tries to find something which will
lower the threshold of salvation to the point that her children who
continue to commit sin will be delivered from hell.

The result is the modern Christian doctrines which eliminate the
necessity of obedience to the ten commandments. Some have the
threshold of salvation so low that if someone says they believe in
Jesus they are not only saved but cannot be lost - even if they were
to later reject Christ completely.

This is a very appealing doctrine to someone whose relatives or
children have died as a sinner but claimed to believe in Jesus.

I think that all who are truly born of God do agree 100% that you
must keep the commandments of God - they may differ in other
areas but all accept the necessity of ceasing from sin by keeping the
ten commandments. That is what the Spirit of God teaches because
that is what Jesus taught - "...if you would enter life keep the

As believers we have a great deal of latitude to be wrong on
something - we do not have to agree 100% on everything - but on
the question of "What must I do to have eternal life?" there is no
autonomy - we must repent of sin and keep the commandments.

Sin is transgression of the law and that law is the ten
commandments. Those who continue to wilfully disobey are not
children of God and no amount of wishful thinking will change
their fate. All who have not repented will receive the death
sentence and eternal destruction - not eternal torment.

We are not doing those who still commit sin a favor to tell them
they have eternal life because they believe and obey what they
"think" God wants them to do. Rather we should plainly warn them
that those believers who commit sin remain children of the devil.
They believe but are not converted.

Harold Kupp

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